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Posted by fanzhou on November 4th, 2016

The difference is that Abrash - a renowned programmer who is somewhat of an industry legend - is smart enough to concretely describe what is going on and his own contributions to the tech, without coming off as a starry-eyed follower.In this GDC RS Gold Vault-hosted excerpt from the full keynote video, Abrash explains how the calculations worked for figuring out how much of the level was viewable from any other part of the level, so that the rendering was optimized.You can hear the audience's reaction to this crazy calculation and stratospheric brainpower demonstration when he finishes.  (Incidentally, the full Quake postmortem video will be available on GDC Vault in its entirety for free in the near future, as we continue our larger-scale archiving.)Another moment, which we've also put up on GDC Vault in video form, is when Abrash shows how to speed up rendering of sprites by reducing calculations to only the necessary amount.This involves rendering out polygons as blobs, because the users won't notice the difference and a lot of needless processing is avoided. It must have been quite shocking or exciting to the audience to watch him walk around this world like it was just some sort of building, looking for the right example of what he was talking about.The whole talk is amazing to listen to, and I've created an audio version of the full presentation on GDC Vault, with its twists and turns in describing the ups and downs of this genre-changing game's developments.At the end of the presentation, someone asks Abrash if he'll return to games, and his answer is negative - he was mostly interested in the programming aspects of games, not the act of gaming himself;Runescape Gold he is a pure developer who goes onto greater and greater projects.

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