How to Deal With Slow Play on the Golf Course?

Posted by Chomko LA on November 4th, 2016

As the game of golf brings increasingly golfers out onto the course, experiencing slow play turns out to be practically unavoidable. What do you do? What's the best approach to manage the pace of play on the golf course, whether it is the group in front of you, or somebody in your own particular foursome?

To begin with, figure out the reason for golf slow play. There are a number of reason for slow play. It can been inherently in the design of the course. It can be a lackadaisical approval from the management of the club. However, the bottom line is that players must manage themselves in order to truly resolve the problems of slow play. Golf is the one sport where the integrity of the golf lies with the golfer. It is the golfer who calls penalties on himself. A Golf Game Clock falls within this tradition and with the glance of a eye a golfer or foursome will keep its pace.

Reliable and accurate golf course clocks strategically placed on a golf course allow the level of self management that golfers admire. There is not a golfer on planet earth that likes to be told to speed up play by a ranger or marshal. In fact, this is almost counter intuitive to the customer service aspect of the golf course or club.

The other aspect of slow play that resides with the golfer is how they conduct the activities of the game. What we mean is are they “Green Ready” when they arrive at the green or are they more interested at that point in time to engage in a conversation with members of their foursome. We all understand the social aspect of golf is very enjoyable but there is also the correct time to engage and not to engage in chatter.

“Green Ready” is determining your shot then executing and moving on to the next hole. The time associated with the chipping and putting activities at the green holds the highest degree of resolving golf slow play than any other aspect of playing the game. The green can be a point of social exchange or a point of finishing the hole and having the social aspect pick up on the next tee box as the players are getting out of their carts.

The education of golfers is only enhanced with Pace of Play Golf Clocks. It provides the aspect that is inherently inner twined into ever other sport; a game clock. In other sports players are naturally aware of the the amount of time they have to play and the time will define how their sport is played. Golf courses would benefit greatly by managing their pace of play with waterproof accurate clocks.

If such a program is being implemented at a golf course the worse thing management can do is use indoor clocks for an outdoor use. This will result in inaccurate clocks on the golf course and defeat the benefits of the program.

Summary: Adopt an effective slow play golf clock solutions at your course and reap the benefits of more satisfied customers and profits to your bottom line.

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