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Install The Best Antivirus Software And Firewall For A Strict Protection.

Posted by datasunrise492 on November 5th, 2016

In this recent time, maintaining a database security is a must. The hackers are increasing in every location and they hack the system without knowing any information. The firewall software can prevent any kind of hacker and unwanted threats. Basically, this security software controls and monitors the networking system. Even, it helps to identify the source of hacking or the hacker. This is a cost-effective security application. If any unwanted data transportation can be found, then the software asks permission for further transmission. There is a software-based and a hardware-based firewall security available. The hardware-based software is a very expensive application.

Firewall V/S Antivirus Software.

The firewall plays a role of a doorkeeper between the internet connection of a computer/laptop and the outside connection. A firewall software controls the transmission of incoming and outgoing database. It monitors the database and protects the database. On the other hand, the Antivirus software or AV software can detect the virus within your system. Also, the AV can detect the malicious that comes through downloading, email, USB device, and more.The main purpose of using an AV is to identify the virus, scan the system, and delete viruses from the system. While, the firewall software is very important to install because it can control the virus transmission but cannot detect the virus.

Techniques Of Firewall And Antivirus Software: - Mainly, four techniques are used for firewall software, such as the direction control, service control, behavior control, and users control. There are different types of firewall software available in the market. The Greenplum firewall is very popular software. Various types of techniques are used for producing various antivirus.The cloud-based, Heuristics-based, signature based, and behavioral detection technologies are there for detecting the viruses.

Few Tips Are There To Maintain The Security Of A System:-

i. People should delete all unused accounts, files, and folder immediately.
ii. Regularly clean and delete cache and cookies.
iii. There should be the different database for the authorized users, employees, and the outsiders.
iv. The firewall and antivirus software need a very frequent update. Everyday new threats and virus are coming. So, the updated version of software can protect the system from these viruses and attacks.

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