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Posted by johnsmith001 on November 5th, 2016

In order to register numbers in Spain
There have ended up three main formats of Spanish motor vehicle registration plates. Until the early 1970's plates just included the province including a sequential number. This system was extracted in October 1971 when Barcelona plus Madrid both nearly reached 999999.

The next system was by using XX NNNN YY where XX appeared to be the province code and NNNN appeared to be a sequential number, followed by not one but two letters. Some letters were not made use of. This system became flawed when Spanish languages were changed as quite a few provinces changed their names/spelling. Madrid appeared to be also reaching ZZ so numbers ended up being running out.

The latest and current system was only available in September 2000. It consists of four numbers with three letters, such as 1234 ABC.

A letter code is sequential but specified letters are missed, such as YOUR, E, I, O, Q and N which includes a tilde over it. The numbers visit from 000 to 999. With this system you cannot find any way of knowing where the car was registered although the code gives a rough idea should the car was registered. However it is flawed when unknown and imported vehicles are marbella car registration as they quite simply are given a new number while in the sequential system.

The number plates themselves will be black letters on white plates. The left hand blue bar together with the letter E for Espana and the 12 stars is already compulsory. Plates are rectangle although some are odd shapes just like Lorries, motorcycles and the Seat 600 with narrow plate space.

This site offers a fully legal process with the essence ensuring that your vehicle is transferred to Spanish plates with the least fascination and inconvenience to yourselves.

Our aim is to provide such an outstanding service you are pleased to tell your friends along with neighbours

We provide spanish car registration:

Engineer's report. This is the one-off process to ensure that your car is acceptable on Spanish roads. Should you have a Certificate of Conformity, the engineer’s report is just not needed.

ITV inspection. This is very similar to the UK MOT and is very thorough and honest as there isn't a commercial pressure on the inspectors to discover fault.

Car registration Spain document (often called a new log book).

Payment of any taxes due including road tax and receipts through the authorities for these. Receipts from the authorities are offered for these.

Spanish number plates (You be able to keep the old ones!).

Wherever appropriate, continental headlights and rear fog lights.

If required, assistance in receiving other documentation, such as Padron, NIE and many others....

An agreed price with NO nasty surprises towards the end.

Whilst most of our clients get British registered cars, we can provide the same service for vehicles registered from any location as the process is essentially a similar.

Similarly, if you have purchased a Spanish registered car and need to change the documents to your brand, we can arrange this too.

Before getting a Spanish registered car, a full qualifications check is advisable, which we in addition arrange.

For getting more information about register uk car in spain visit the website

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