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Posted by John Smith on November 7th, 2016

Finding the best medical supplies for training and educational programs is no longer a hard task. All thanks to Medical Shipment, one of the largest suppliers of medical simulation training products. Simulation training in the medical field has a lot of advantages as it allows medical students and trainees to perform high risk operations in safe environment and learn new things. However in the absence of high quality products, medical simulation training is not beneficial. At Medical Shipment you can browse through a wide range of nursing education supplies that are highly useful in simulated training.

Medical Shipment aims to provide the best simulation nursing supplies and equipment. The various medical supplies for simulation are designed to fulfil all the needs of nursing and educational programs. Apart from regular medical supplies, Medical Shipment also offers technologically advanced medstations and nursing equipment.  These are extremely useful while teaching complex procedures to students. Over the years, Medical Shipment has offered its services to numerous institutes and colleges.

At Medical Shipment you can shop according to the category, price, size and material of the product. The various categories of medical supplies for education include carts, defibrillators, ECSs, diagnostics, hospital beds, gloves, infusion and IV supplies, monitors, patient care, student kits etc. The simulation products or manikins offered by Medical Shipment include Basic Life Support, Emergency Life Support, Nursing Skills Training, Examination, Patient Care Manikins, Simulators and Paediatrics.

The simulators that are offered under manikins are:

Deluxe Occluded Artery Model: A useful tool to make people understand about cardiovascular health. The device helps students and medical trainees easily distinguish between a clogged artery and one that is healthy.

CS301 Simulator: A 3 lead device that can be connected with any defibrillator to demonstrate cardioversion. It can display various ECG waveform modes like VT fast, VF, VT slow, AFIB, VT poly, SVT, STACH etc. It can be directly connected to an external pacer and defibrillator.

AED Simulator: This device can also be connected to external defibrillator. The simulator can display ECG waveforms like VF, VT-HI, VF/artifact, VT-LO, SVT, Sinus/artifact, ASYS etc.

Some other products offered under simulators/manikins by Medical Shipmentare CS 1201 simulator, visual aids for heart and lung sounds tear pad, posters of anterior and posterior lung sites etc. The Basic Life Support simulators consist of CPR prompt adult/child/infant manikins and package that consists of 5 manikins. Examination simulators consist of IV Hand simulator, testicular exam simulator, nursing wound simulation kit, TB testing arm, breast exam simulator etc. Several advanced manikins for patient care can also be availed.

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