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Posted by Holbien Judson on November 7th, 2016

Can a picture be imagined without a frame? Similarly can a garden be imagined without a fence? Well,  garden fencing Wirral enhances the garden’s overall beauty and gives a complete look the landscape.  You can erect the fence around a backyard, a front yard or the entire property. With adequate fencing, security is added to the property and house too. Moreover, you can even think of driveways for enhancing the look.

Different styles of fences that can be chosen include shadow box fencing, picket fencing and post and rail fencing. The cost of these fence types must be considered i.e. chain link, wrought iron, vinyl or wood. Many residents feel that cedar wood fence is a very good option for their needs.

With this type of fencing, natural insulation is offered and cold winds are blocked. Moreover, even the sounds are blocked and noise is kept away. Apart from this, cedar acts as a natural repellant and keeps bugs, termites and mosquitoes away. This surely helps to protect the property. As there is natural thujaplicin in the wood, it is considered to be durable. The wood doesn’t rot away due to decay by damage or fungi. Hence, the lifespan of the fence is very long. This is very proper for nailing and sawing.

  • After you have decided on the type and style of the fence that has to be built around the garden, check the design. Depending on the requirements, proper height must be chosen. Ensure that it is accordance to the local laws. In some states, a building permit has to be acquired for building fences that are over 6 feet. Research the regulations and local laws before building one.
  • Location of posts must be determined. Each location should be marked with paints. Depending on the depth of the fence, there would be a variation. For building a stable and strong fence, no spaces must be kept in between. Before the holes are dug, ensure that the depth is as per laws. Moreover, have a word with authorities as well with regards to wiring and pipes.
  • Once the digging is over, the posts must be placed in the hole and concrete should be poured on it.  A shovel must be used for mixing it. Some soil must be used for hiding the concrete and giving a neat look. A spirit level must be used for leveling the post. Once the leveling is done, it must be left overnight.
  • Now, on the next day, a good height must be chosen for the posts. Make sure, a circular saw is being used. Ensure that a line is drawn with chalk from outside posts, so that the fence is kept at the right level.   Cut outs must be made on the post. They must have a resemblance with shutters. Hammer and a chisel must be used for chipping away wooden pieces.
  • Attaching the rails is another step. Ensure that the leveling of nails is done for rendering them straight. In case a double sided fence is needed, the rails must be attached to both back and front. Now, after attaching the rails, fence boards must be added.

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