Petrol Pressure Washer: Best Treatment for Any Common Man?s Vehicle

Posted by mygenerator on November 8th, 2016

Think about a car wash and the first thing that comes to your mind is going to a car wash station and paying a hefty amount for their services. One alternative to this scenario is cleaning the car yourself. All you need is an efficient pressure washer powered to wash the vehicle. Often the options are electric powered units, but there are also petrol washers that are ideal for home use where mains power is not as easily available.

Pressure washers, also known as pressure cleaners, are high-pressure water sprayers that can be used to clean objects and surfaces. They are very useful in cleaning vehicles, patios, outdoor furniture, driveways, fences and more.

There are plenty of pressure washers available in the market: electric, diesel, petrol, gas, steam and hydraulic. One of the easiest ways for classification is by categorising them based on their power source. In case of petrol pressure washers, the fuel is used to operate an engine which drives a pump and pistons to create the required pressure. These washers also come with stock pressure washer accessories which can help reduce your cleaning time considerably, based on the required task.

Petrol pressure washers are able to take on all types of challenging cleaning tasks. There is a wide range of petrol pressure washers which are equipped with the best engines and pumps available, providing you with unparalleled performance. You do not have to spend countless hours in cleaning your car as these petrol pressure washers achieve great results in very little time without sapping your energy.

There are manufacturers that have renowned names in power equipment manufacturing and their world-leading expertise ensures you get a long working life with their robust high-pressure cleaners. A petrol powered pressure washer offers a huge advantage of being fully independent of electrical power sources and normal water networks. The Gerni Poseidon 2 washer, for instance, provides 2400 psi of max power and 10.4 litres per minute of water flow and comes with one Chemical Nozzle and 3 Quick Connect Nozzles for 0, 15, 25 degrees.

Some of the key features of these petrol pressure washers are:

•    Robust long life pumps with ceramic pistons

•    Robust aluminium frame with pneumatic wheels

•    Engines from one of the leading brands in the world

•    Thermal Dump Valve, Lance Holder

•    AR Wobble Disc Pump

•    Lifetime Frame Warranty

•    Adjustable Pressure unloader

•    Dual Padded Shock Absorbing feet

•    Thermo Sensor

A high-quality petrol pressure washer is meant for any man’s vehicle. Driven by a robust petrol engine which is more powerful than an electric one, these washers can be used in any location where electric power is not available. To sum it up, it is a win-win situation when you take a decision to own petrol powered pressure washer. Just check out the different options online and choose the washer best suited to your vehicle cleaning requirements.

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