Reverse The Effects Of Aging With Hormone Testosterone Therapy In San Antonio

Posted by steveben311 on November 9th, 2016

You may think that hormone therapy is a woman’s only concern, however it is not. Men’s testosterone levels peak in their late teens and begin a gradual but steady decline of approximately one percent a year around the age of thirty. Because testosterone is required for male sexual development and reproductive function - as well as muscle bulk, red blood cell level, and bone density - many men worry about the natural decline of this hormone produced by the testicles. Despite all the recent advertising campaigns, awareness of low T and its importance for men’s health remains very poorly recognized by both the public and by physicians.

Testosterone is essential for feeling healthy, upbeat, and sexually active. Like any other hormone, testosterone is best in moderation. Too much of it creates feelings of angst, anger, and aggression whereas, a low count will make you feel anxious or tired. Low testosterone levels also lead to symptoms such as fatigue, erectile dysfunction, and depression. Physical performance and overall health diminish as well, making the body more susceptible to diseases and illnesses. However, with the advent of biotechnological advancement, hormone testosterone therapy in San Antonio and everywhere else for a younger and healthier body helps improve life for men who are into their middle age and beyond. Hormone testosterone therapy has been put to test in various groups, and its impact is very evident in overall improvement in functionality and well-being.

Undergoing hormone testosterone therapy in Corpus Christi and at other places is quite simple and has many health benefits that can help men maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can give the body the hormones it needs to function effectively and repair the damage caused by aging. It also increases calcium retention, protein synthesis, helps maintain pancreatic islets, reduce glucose intake of the liver, and aids in maintaining and stimulating the immune system. Testosterone therapy can also improve bone density. One of the effects of aging is decrease in the body’s ability to retain calcium, which it needs to maintain for a healthy bone structure. While calcium supplements can be used to augment body’s requirements, testosterone therapy can ensure that the body is able to retain and efficiently use calcium.

If you wonder whether testosterone therapy might be right for you, talk to your doctor about the benefits and procedures associated with it. Your doctor will likely measure your testosterone levels at least twice before discussing whether therapy is an option for you or not.

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