Your character will just move around killing mobs

Posted by fanzhou on November 9th, 2016

Players can distribute SP (which are gained each level) to the skill to strengthen the effect and attack power. Resetting Sp requires 2000 Candy (cash point).Control & Gameplay The control of the game is pretty simple and intuitive. Directional pad on the left of the screen allows you to move around, while the jump key, attack and up to 4 quick slots (which can be toggled) MS2 Mesos are located on the right. You can register skills or items into the Quick Slots to use them quickly during battle. Take note that when you are near NPC or portal, the attack key will be changed to interaction key which allow you to talk to the NPC or teleport to other areas.  There is a teleport button (boot on scroll icon) right above the Quick Slots on the right of the screen, which allow you to teleport directly to the area for your main quest. Upon completion of the quest, you can use the same button to teleport conveniently back to the NPC to submit the quest. This feature is very nice indeed because it allows you to complete quest pretty quickly without navigating through many areas.The combat is pretty easy at the beginning. However, as you advance to higher level area, do watch out for your HP and drink potion when your HP is low. If you die during combat, you will lose EXP and Mesos (in-game currency), unless you pay a certain amount of Candy. This is pretty harsh, in my opinion for a mobile game, which is supposed to be casual.  There is a auto-combat feature as well, which enable you to leave your game on and MapleStory 2 Mesos your character will just move around killing mobs.

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