Stay Warm This Winter With These American Wild Ginseng Recipes

Posted by Jack Kason on November 10th, 2016

American wild ginseng has been credited for improving human health in multiple ways. Whether you treat it like a medicinal herb or like a flavorful ingredient in food, the root will lower your blood sugar, boost your energy and leave you with lasting anti-inflammatory benefits. Also, regular consumption of the root in any form tends to prevent cancer. You can use it as a home remedy for flu and common cold or add it to your food for its natural goodness.

So, as the cold season approaches, stock up on the root and try these recipes to keep yourself cozy.

Duck soup with ginseng - Blanch pieces of an aged duck and after straining it, put it in a vessel filled with 2 liters of cold water. Add five to six pieces of ginseng, two sliced nuggets of ginger and 25 gm dried day-lily bulbs. Once it comes to boil, leave it to simmer on low heat for over two hours. As the soup is almost ready, add some trimmed spring onions, salt, a bit of sugar and any seasoning that you may like. This perfect solution to biting cold is all set to serve.

American ginseng tea - There are two ways of preparing this. You could get the ready-to-use tea bags and have them with hot water or you could get whole American ginseng roots, chop them up, boil them in a stock pot and then let the mixture simmer. It can be strained after two hours and enjoyed hot with spoonfuls of honey.

Foil-wrapped ginseng chicken - This is a delicious, two-part recipe. First, you need to marinate the chicken for which you would need white pepper, soy, sugar, shitake mushrooms, sesame oil, ginger juice, Shaoxing wine and fibers of american ginseng. Use either chicken thighs or breasts for this, which should be refrigerated for 30 minutes after marinating.

The second part of the recipe needs 8 red dates, 6 garlic cloves, a stalk of spring onions, six slices of ginger and half a tablespoon of wolfberries. Mix and divide these ingredients in two parts and lay them flat on two medium-sized sheets of foil paper. Take out the marinated chicken and arrange it on top of these and fold the foil to form a sealed parcel.

Finally, steam this parcel for forty minutes and keep the heat high. It would make for a wholesome hot meal during any time in the day.

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