How antibodies went from obscure science to cutting edge science

Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on November 10th, 2016

Anyone in immunology will tell you that the science has expanded and extrapolated itself far beyond its original mode. Immunology itself, in fact, was a relatively quiet field of medical science until the rise of HIV in the 1980s. Before then, people weren’t even too sure what immunology was. The occasional tumbleweed of information would roll past in a magazine, and that was about it.  

Cynics in the field may excuse the following brief resume of the following decades:

The big explosion in immunology, naturally, dovetailed with the huge breakthroughs in genetics and core biology.

Add the growing “awareness” of immunology (by now even the media had grasped that it was an actual practical science, not just something in a dictionary) and the boom had begun.

Antibiotics, the staple immunological market product, hit a big roadblock with the rise of the super bugs. A new fix-everything was needed.

Antibodies were the natural, and most likely to be productive, field of research for a fix. The race to develop new immunological tools began in earnest, backed up by major institutions.

Pharmaceutical, diagnostic and clinical organizations were also quick to pick up the leads.

A range of antibody products like rabbit antibodies, Sheep Anti-Histone III, (Sheep Anti-BRDU) and a virtual encyclopedia of other products evolved.

By the early 2000s, more work had been done in antibody research than in the whole of history. What nobody could possibly have known was this was just the beginning.
Antibody research is now the front line of medical research, and a key player in academic research, particularly pure research.

This type of research requires excellent management, top quality resources, and, interestingly, outsourcing of research work. The right mix of resource management, sourcing, and external support services is the key to modern immunology research.

A company called Capralogics is perhaps the best example of how new antibody research works. This company is a market leader, supplying both the materials and services required for modern immunological research across pharmaceutical, academic, diagnostic, and clinical research and commercial product development.

For more information, and to see how immunology has coped with sudden stardom in medical research, visit their website here at .  Remember, this is a type of science which barely existed a few years ago. It’s an interesting study.

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