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Posted by disasterfree on November 10th, 2016

It is very simple to identify the programs that use your computer network. You can check your taskbar to confirm whether you have any applications, games or web browsers that may be running on your system. Keeping computer system connected to the internet, if you have no antivirus or a firewall, can be very dangerous to the appliance.

This is especially true if your operating system is out of date. What makes it worse is the fact that you will not be in a position to detect that there are network problems without you using a network monitoring tool. There is a myriad of reasons why it is vital to keep monitoring your network system consistently.

Security-wise, network monitoring tools are helpful in helping you to monitor any hidden programs on your computer that may be sending or receiving data. Unknown programs can compromise many operations in your network.

One such thing is that some of the malware are capable of sending private information about you. Others can be even more damaging in the sense that they can retrieve the necessary commands which a hacker issues to cause even more damage to your computer system.

 A hacker will then be able to access all any details they need from your system, and that can be pretty dangerous for you. I bet you want to avoid that as much as you can, and one of the surest ways to do this is by using a network monitoring solutions.

 The tool will show you the programs which are doing all these harmful things and then you can be able to take appropriate action promptly. Network monitoring solutions minus antivirus competencies may not have the ability to differentiate between bad and good programs.

However, you can try to stop the network activity once you spot it. Again, network monitoring tools have the ability to uncover programs which are using the system and which your antivirus was not able to uncover.

Additionally, these tools can be critical in helping you why your computer network is slowing down. There are many reasons why your computer can slow down during operation. It could be due to an application running in the background, and that is trying to make use of all the available bandwidth in your network to make something up to date. Your program may be experiencing heavy loads.

This will be manifested when other programs including the web browser are having difficulty in accessing the internet. Here, the network monitoring tools also chip in. It will help you to close the unhelpful applications so as to restore the bandwidth. Other systems monitors can even let you set a bandwidth cap to help in balancing the bandwidth distribution.

Another crucial importance of a monitoring system is that it lets you bar people from using your wireless router. Currently, due to the latest encryptions, it is not possible to access a secure wireless network with a considerably long security key. However, hackers will tirelessly to try to find loopholes from which they can access your system and carry out their malicious activities. Whichever way they find, trust that they are going to take advantage of it.

If you have your network monitor running, you will be in a position to see whenever someone bypasses the security of your wireless network. Some virus scanners are very useful in sending you a notification whenever something is messing with your system, or someone is trying to access it.

Monitoring your network is about making sure that only relevant programs are using the internet. Similarly, it is about keeping your network secure from hackers and malware. At DisasterFree, we provide reliable network monitoring solutions at an affordable price. We have highly trained and professional IT experts who can take care of your network monitoring needs whenever you need them. 

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