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5 tips to pick the right engineering college for you

Posted by rohny on November 11th, 2016

5 tips to pick the right engineering college for you

If you want to pursue engineering, it is important that you consider your aptitude and history of college as well before making the final choice. The engineering admission process is on across the country. If you're in the stream, chances are you are getting a lot of admission offers from various engineering colleges and institutes.

Congratulations!! But there is a headache too. There are a lot of options, what to choose? A bad decision can affect your overall career life. Worry not!! We have created a decision support system for proper choice making. You are going to choose based on -- brand name of college, stream of engineering and accessibility (location).Your choice should also be based upon your strengths and goals.

1. Strengths

Identify your natural abilities -- your aptitude. It is very important. There are various engineering streams and you need to map your aptitude for a specific engineering stream. In simple terms, what you fancy about may be an indicator of your aptitude. What are you interested in? Car design, mobiles, high rise buildings or in pure abstract thinking? Your interests indicate your aptitude.

There are scientific tests which can reveal more about your aptitude. Assess your personality type. Your personality type can be a parameter for your choice. Assess your financial position. In case of private seat versus government seat, this parameter will have a huge bearing. Review your family history. Though not a very important factor, but a scan is important to help you make an informed choice. If you see families where majority are doctors, civil servants or chartered accounts, it says something about the family genes -- a natural propensity towards a specific kind of profession.

2. Goals

Define your goals. Decide whether you want to opt for a job or business. A job may be in private or government sector. You can run your family business or start your own. What are your primary motives? Power or money or both. If you are tempted towards power, government services would suit you more. If you wish to earn a lot of money, you would opt for private jobs or business. Whether you wish to settle down in India or abroad also have a bearing on your choice. Say if you are interested in settling in the USA then IT-related engineering streams would suit you more than opting for civil engineering.

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3. Choice

You need to choose -- the college, its location and stream. For example, if you are getting calls from IITs and NITs then you have to decide, whether the IIT or NIT. Assuming you decided for IITs. Now question arises, which IIT. Say you decided for IIT Mumbai, and then question arises, which stream. Now analyses your strengths and goals. Map your strengths and goals. Do the market survey about the demand of the specific stream. Then opt for the choice which helps you in attaining your goals and is in line with your strengths.

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