Safeguard Your Spectators And Skaters With Portable Dasherboards In US

Posted by reez thomas on November 11th, 2016

Hockey has been played in some form or the other for hundreds of years. It is thought to be one of the earliest sports in the world and was played by the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Persians, Romans, and Arabs. The game has witnessed a lot of transformations and one of its forms that is quite popular these days is ice hockey. It is an adrenaline-surging sport that is packed with action, speed, and physical contact. Hence, this sport is religiously sought after by men as well as women around the globe. Ice hockey is a fast, fluid, and exciting team sport that draws big crowds at the Olympic Games, thanks to the drama and tension of the matches.

Ice hockey is an extremely popular sport in US and Canada. Recently, this game is getting immensely popular in countries like UK too. It is observed that there is an increasing number of ice rinks around the world that are opening their doors to ice hockey teams so that they can practice and hone their skills. In other words, it means that more and more people are able to practice and develop a liking for this game.

There is one thing that separates ice arenas from simply skating out on the open pond. No, we are not talking about the heated bleachers or concession stands; we are talking about portable dasherboards in US and at other places. Dasherboards are one of the most important elements to any facility. Comprised of boards, shielding, and netting, their main purpose is to separate fans from the skaters. They work hard to protect both parties, too.

As soon as you plan to get services of portable dasherboard, detailed planning and careful evaluation of the facility activities are also needed. The type of sport to be played, the spectator seating arrangement, and the maintenance requirement will dictate the layout, quality, portability and height your system needs.

Nowadays, most facilities install large ice surfaces, but you have to remember that the size of your ice surface is set by many factors. You should consider the rules of the hockey association that will be playing in your arena to decide on the size of your hockey dasherboards. Other things to consider are the type of events and tournaments that will be held in your arena, along with the size of the facility and the budget.

The dasherboard is a major part of an arena project. To most paying customers, the dasherboard is the most important thing they notice inside an arena! So go ahead and make a wise choice.

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