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Posted by Hexa Food Sdn. Bhd. on November 11th, 2016

Herbs can dramatically change and improve the taste, aroma, and texture of dishes. The right combination of herbs can let you make unique flavours and colours in your dishes, too. If you are adventurous, fresh herbs can provide you with more control on how your food should taste. However, you need to make sure that you are using only pure and quality herbs to get the best results. Some people who are new to using herbs in their cooking may become frustrated with the results with low-quality herbs. If you love to use specific types of herbs in your cooking, it makes sense to find a reliable supplier that can provide high-quality and pure herbs.

Knowing how to source and buy pure, fresh, and quality herbs is essential when learning to cook with them. You would not use rancid butter on baked goods, and you definitely will not use mouldy fruits for a fruit salad. Hence, you must make sure that you are able to source the highest-quality herbs from a reputable supplier. Finding the right supplier should be easy with the following pointers:

  • Look for an established local food manufacturer – Instead of importing herbs, consider buying them locally to save time and money. Consider a manufacturer that supplies high-quality seasonings, herbs, and spices for many food manufacturers and retailers in Malaysia, and make sure that it is a reputable and established company that has been in business for at least a decade.
  • Find out where they source the herbs – Make sure the herb supplier sources from prominent and world class spice suppliers and food manufacturers.
  • Verify the supplier’s production facilities – A reliable herb supplier must be HACCP certified, which means that its facilities meet the international standards defining the requirements for effectively controlling food safety and quality. Moreover, make sure that the supplier’s production facilities are halal.
  • Verify the supplier’s reputation – Look up the supplier to find reviews and feedback about them and the herbs they offer. Consider a supplier that is trusted by many local restaurants, food manufacturers, and chefs. Some of the best suppliers supply herbs to well-known markets like Village Grocer, Tesco, and Checkers.
  • Find out how the herbs are made – Consider a supplier who sterilizes its herb products using steam.
  • Explore the selection of herbs offered by a supplier – Choose a company that supplies a wide range of herbs to many food services and retailers in Malaysia.

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This article is written by Brandon, who is the sales manager at Hexa Food Sdn. Bhd. It is HALAL and HACCP Certified food manufacturing company that supply herbs, spices and seasoning products in Malaysia at affordable rates.

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