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Tutor in Surrey ? Possible Subjects and Criteria for Selection

Posted by joshuaelliot on November 11th, 2016

For a child who is in high school, a tutor in Surrey is a big support academically and mentally as he is a person who bears the responsibility of fostering the child’s understanding beyond what is taught in class. An inevitable fact pertaining to higher classes is the increasing complexity of subjects involved and it is not always possible for the child to be able to cope up on his own. Added academic assistance in subjects like math, English, science and social studies is always welcome in order to prepare and score well in exams.

When it comes to hiring of a private tutor in Surrey, the most common assumption is that the tuition must be for math, however other subjects like English and science also come under the purview. True though it is that math is the most complicated subject owing to its components like Calculus, trigonometry and algebra, children can do with a bit of help in English too in terms of essay writing, proofreading and verbal skills. Likewise, science in higher classes is bifurcated into physics, chemistry and biology and a tutor can make it fun to comprehend and study by adopting a particular teaching style.

That being said, a lot depends on your selection of private tutor in Surrey too and following are some of the essential criteria that you must bear in mind during the selection process –

Should the tutor be male/female?

This depends on whom your child can relate to most easily – while some kids prefer lady tutors, others are more comfortable with men. A time tested way of figuring this out entails holding a trial session before beginning tuitions and judging by the child’s reaction whether he/she is able to relate to the private tutor in Surrey. Rather than forcing a tutor on your child and regretting it owing to lack of results, you would do well to take your time in screening various tutors till you identify one that is perfect.

Where is the tutor located?

 As far as possible, the private tutor should be in close proximity to your house so that he is not hindered by bad weather, delay in traffic or travelling hassles. While this would ensure that classes begin on time every time, another advantage that accrues is that very seldom will a session get cancelled, thus ensuring continuity of lessons.

Is he qualified and experienced?

Not only should the private tutor in Surrey be qualified in his particular subject like English, math or science, but he should also be experienced enough to teach children. The two factors go hand in hand because lack of either one would impact the quality of teaching sessions and the motivation of your child. While qualifications are indicative of knowledge, experience is reflected in the teaching methods adopted by the tutor in order to encourage application and reinforcement.

Whether or not you have chosen the right person for the job will echo on your child after just a few sessions, so do be on the lookout for those early signs.  

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