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Posted by som india on November 12th, 2016

The SOM Group is one of the leading liquor industry whose product portfolio consists of beer, brandy, rum, whisky and vodka. SOM responded to the spread of the cocktail culture across regions by developing a special blend of White Fox Vodka which can compliment cocktails.

It’s basically a naughty orange and green apple—delicious and refreshing. It relies on absolutely no tools, simple ingredients and simple measuring: It’s two shots of vodka, topped with club soda and other beverages. The advantage with such a basic cocktail is, you’ve got unlimited variations just by changing one of the three main ingredients. Cocktails have become crucial components of nearly all modern restaurants.

A good cocktail doesn’t need to be complicated, especially when you’re using flavourful and quality ingredients. You can create a killer drink with just a few items. What best could give a start than White Fox Vodka which is the best vodka brands in India .This invention from SOM has hit a very unique flavour which even serves specially for women .It’s something you will look very sophisticated sipping on with your friends. It’s long, refreshing and spicy cooler to go for!  What’s not to like? It’s easy to make and easy to replicate, and definitely an improvement on vodka diet.

The liquor industry is one of the most creative spaces for brands today. And they have to be – to sell an idea with a bottle, a sticker and not much else, a brand must surround its product with some serious touch to the consumer preference.SOM Group worked diligently to launch this classy brand with a shade of naughtiness .Yes, the tagline “Stay Naughty “reflects the sense of naughtiness that is hidden within every person of any age. The White Fox Vodka is a part of classic cocktails like Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Bloody Mary and Mojito at a number of outlets. Bartenders are also using the White Fox – Orange & Green Apple to serve the best cocktails to their customers. Ours is a cocktail that embraces simplicity and utility without skimping on aesthetic. Approachable, well-tested recipes enables vodka lovers of all persuasions to experiment with classic and original drinks.

The strategy for ‘White Fox Vodka is to promote the brand as ‘Naughty’, ‘Uber Cool’ and ‘Stylish’. The product is available in two flavours i.e Orange and Green Apple. The target segments are young, experimental drinkers and women. To promote the brand, concept of ‘Naughty Night Parties’ has been introduced wherein parties are organized in elite Clubs and Bars. These parties have garnered a lot of interest and mouth publicity.

Giving an impression of up gradation”Our White Fox vodka is crafted from finest ingredients and goes through three rounds of distillation and charcoal filtration to enhance vodka’s high definition purity and clarity of taste. Our vodka delivers the best in taste – whether enjoyed near, or in rocks or mixed with cocktails”, says Mr Deepak Arora, CEO SOM Group.

Higher levels of independence along with exposure to lifestyle with rise in income levels have changed the consumption patterns. What remains clear is that while there is a changing behaviour amongst Indian consumers; quality and value continue to guide their purchasing decisions. The scenario has indeed compelled every single consumer to accept the best brand for being a perfect blend in cocktail with a high quality and flavour being it the White Fox.

You like what is going on, but if you want to play with the ratios a bit grab this at your nearest store. You play up with the malty aspect of this to make up a variation. It makes a great companion with the classics giving you a nice flavour. Our consumers give us a brand recall and reconnect. After the launch of White fox Vodka, we hosted a series of Naughty Night parties at premium club and discotheques, were our vodka was served exclusively and we distributed cocktail booklets to serve you with the recipes based on White Fox Vodka.

When all took a full swallow of it there was a general consensus of surprise amongst our guests as the White Fox was smoother in the throat than the experience of sipping would have suggested. It was also found the spicy flavour was clean and pleasant. However, as a shooting Vodka, the White Fox performed quite well (especially when served cold).

“Which is the best Vodka?” is by far the number one question people ask. But we have a lots of favourite vodkas from all around the world. Your preference is different depending on whether you are served with a straight up, or in cocktail or in food dishes.

Of course, with so many types and so little time, where would you start? To make your decision a bit easier SOM has incorporated the finest vodka on the planet into” a new innovative platform which allows both cooking and vodka enthusiasts to explore the world of vodka in one convenient location”- White Fox Vodka

Admire the COLOR and little specks of barrels floating in the glass, signs that this is for sure the Real Deal.

About The Author: Som India, one of the best liquor company in India providing high quality alcoholic beverages like vodka, rum, whisky and top beer brands in India. It produces and deals with world class quality of vodka, rum, beer, whisky from the best liquor company in India. Som India is one of the leading alcoholic beverage company and it has recently launched its new brand of vodka mixed refreshing drink, White Fox Refresh.

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