WordPress Security Issues and Freelance Web Development

Posted by KentMorris on November 12th, 2016

The increased risk of security breach in the CMS like WordPress, and others have created havoc in the mind of the webmasters about outsourcing the work. There are several issues which are resulting in the fear in webmasters mind. Like you have to share the passwords for the domain and hosting access with the developers as well as other details for adding the content and information are also available with the freelance wordpress developer.  In usual manner this can be a potential threat for the site owners but; Wordpress has made the security provisions in such a manner that you can rely on them for the security of the data and information. Apart you must follow the below tips to safeguard your data and information while working with the freelance developer.

  1. Always try to work with the credible web developer: This is one of the mostimportant points that must be considered while working with the freelance developer. First of all try to become a paid member for the sites offering the services related to freelance development works and assign the projects from these sites only. This is quite useful in safeguarding the interests for both of you. All the shared information is kept as confidential and adheres to the guidelines of non declaration clause. Thus it is worthwhile to hire freelance web developer via these sites.
  2. Keep a record of the information shared with the developer:  It is a crucial factor that can either break or make your efforts in maintaining the security of the site. It is strongly advised that you must maintain a file of records for the login credential and the other data that is shared with the developer along with the date of sharing. This helps you to recall all the information that needs to be changed once the site is complete. It also helps you remind of all the particulars like email and the passwords that are supposed to be critical for the security of the site.
  3. Enter into a confidentiality agreement: Thoughmajority of the developers and webmasters working for a sustained period of time are a bit casual about the security and confidentiality issues but it is quite important for both the parties to enter into a non disclosure and confidentiality agreement. This not only helps you in keeping the legal right of the information but also entitle you for the compensation if any conditions are made that breach the agreement.  Majority of the disclosure agreements are made with the provision for financial implication in case of breach of the conditions. This helps in safeguarding data and business information.
  4. Follow common rules:  The deployment of the OTP and two way passwords for the content management systems like wordpress and others can save you from a lot of complications. It shall be completed diligently as a few extra minutes can save a lot of days that can be panic and detrimental for you busines.

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