How to Get Custom Business Cards Well Within Your Budget

Posted by anviprint on November 12th, 2016

Your business card represents the first look of your business and thus, can be an important advertising tool if used properly. Printing business cards from a professional printing press involves more than just sending in your details and choosing a design. A perfect business card has many layers to it that render it as the best marketing tool for a brand. When you are looking for printers, you have to consider myriad options before you choose one for economy business card services.

Choose a design

There are countless business card designs and tips that you can take help from when you are getting your own set of business cards. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the layouts, you can ask for designer services from your printer to create a design that best represents you and your brand. Use the backside of the card for additional advertising by representing your brand’s permanent tagline or logo. You can also add photographs by taking help from your graphic designer. Simple to read and clear fonts should be coordinated with the background of the card to create a visual appeal.

Choose an ink and paper

A budget business card is printed on the stock paper. You can add in layers of this stock paper to create a thick card. If your budget allows and the printing press offers deals, you can choose other materials, such as cotton fabric, recycled paper, and textured paper, for your cards.

Pick a number

It is important to consider how many business cards you would like to print before you place your order. If your business involves a high standard of socializing or if you brand relies heavily on your social interactions, it will be wise to order in bulk. On the other hand, for average users, a smaller amount may be sufficient to last at least six months. Remember to keep your permanent brand logo and tagline on the cards so that you could use them for a longer time. When you order in bulk for your company executives as well, you can get cheap custom business cards deals that can save you a lot of money.

Quality is king

You may be running on a strict budget but stretching it sometimes can be a wise idea. You must consider all your options before you start to shortlist based on your budget. Quality is important in every aspect, and you may arrange a cheap business card by proper negotiation without compromising on the quality of the print and design.


For most start-ups, social interactions are crucial in propagating the business. A key feature of such a social interaction is the exchange of a business card. An influential and impressive business card can attract more clients to your firm when used deliberately to advertise and promote your business.