Pyramid Logistics offers TV Set transportation for "Who Wants To Be A Millionai

Posted by PMLogistics on November 13th, 2016

Pyramid Logistics feels pride to serve the industries with their studio transportation services throughout America. We have been successful in providing the unbeaten deliveries from many years for the movies and photo shoots. We are capable to move everything from antiques to the luxury vehicles. We are completely insured and provide definite dependability and security. Whether you are preparation to shoot for months in few days time or right away, we have a capable team who can work on your time frame, offering you the transportation services you require.

The movie set and transportation department at Pyramid Logistics consists of a fleet of exclusively built equipments for the movie industry. We are a known name who recognizes the particular transportation requirements of movie studios. So, we have the trailers, vans and trucks to take care of the transportation needs to the desired location. Feel free to call us at 800-877-6687 and get in touch with Gene Smith, our studio transportation expert to relish the peace of mind that comes from the known facts that your movie props and equipments will be taken care of by our highly skilled professionals.

We provide custom-made 53-foot trailers with indoor heights of up to 10 feet for props and stuff that need a closed trailer instead of a flatbed transport. We also have 12-foot side doors for trouble-free loading and unloading. Each trailer of ours is equipped with a full E-Track Systems to easily stack the objects on double decks. As our trailers can stack more than 40% of a standard trailer, we are proficient to put forward lower transportation costs to our studios. In addition to this, we can also provide you with one-way rates to the East Coast, which most of the shipping companies deny offering.

If you are looking forward to move vehicles to or from a movie place, Pyramid Logistics is a name that offers particular auto transporters for any type of car, truck or other vehicle of any size. Moving vehicles requires an exceptional care and treatment. Pyramid Logistics therefore has the specialty transportation systems to deal with this complex chore. Movie studios have showed dependency on Pyramid Logistics to make sure that their vehicles reach their destination securely, unspoiled and on time to their shooting places. We, at Pyramid Logistics provide round-trip and multi-stop service. Our vehicles can be moved to any site, kept back as long as desired and picked up on your schedule.

In the motion picture industry, it is not strange to make use of a prop or a vehicle one time then not require it again for some months. During this down time, Pyramid Logistics can offer the storage amenities to keep these props, vehicles etc protected from any harm and robbery. Our safe warehouses, located across the country, serve as a harmless place to keep the equipments and other objects for any period of time to assist shooting in one or numerous locations. So, feel free to get in touch with us for any kind of movie vehicle transportation.

Ron Morgan is the market representative for Pyramid Logistics. Pyramid Logistics specializes in studio transportation, trade show transportation, mobile exhibit tours and electronic transportation services that are responsibly priced, timely, efficient, damage free and in conformity with the highest industry standards.

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