6 Things You Do Not Know About ARRI ALEXA MINI Camera

Posted by Liam Palmer on November 14th, 2016

ARRI ALEXA Mini Camera is one of the most exciting and popular cameras in the world used heavily for taking high-quality commercial photo shoots. Perhaps, you might be knowing a lot of facts about it. However, there are still many facts to know and get amazed. Let's talk about it:-

Smaller and Smarter

The award winning camera just got smaller and smarter. As compared to its 'big brother' (ARRI ALEXA), the camera provides similar image quality in a compact Carbon Fiber Package.

It's capable of shooting up to 200fps 2K ProRes and 30fps 2.8K ArriRAW.

It can be operated in a number of ways that makes it a popular choice of shooting short or full-length movies with ease.

Less Costly Than Its Predecessor

Happy news! It's initial cost is very less as compared to the main ARRI camera.

However, if you are just going to use this camera for limited occasions, consider opting for hiring ARRI ALEXA MINI from a professional website dealing in end-to-end B2B of film equipment and resource augmentation.

The Pixels Just Got Bigger and Better

The camera uses bigger, better, and robust pixels in the sensor and captures a wider dynamic range with true colors. The shots captured are more natural and accurate whether you choose HD, 2K, 4K UHD or one of the native resolution outputs of the  camera like ProRes 3.2K.

Incredibly Lightweight

Weighing at a mere 2.3 kg, the camera is one of the most lightweight and portable camera. It's possible to take any particular shots at any orientation thanks to its carbon compact factor. To add on, the dimensions are also user friendly to keep the camera easily while traveling. If you mount the camera with PL lens, it's measured at 185x125x140 mm to be precise.

Other Features

The camera supports Wi-Fi and provide complete remote supervision through the web. So, the cool thing is that you can operate the ND filters also.

It's a splash and dust-proof camera and come sealed in a proper compact form to protect the unit.

The camera is designed in a symmetrical way and adaptable to mounting and accessory points on the top and bottom of the camera.


You must consider the option of hiring this camera as it is also expensive. You can browse an authentic site in UK and contact if you need this camera. The site provide services in London, Bristol, and other nearby areas. You can also search for other cameras though the site recommends this camera due to its form factor and ease of shooting!

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