A Guide To Understand How Different Tyes Of Contact Lenses Are Manufactured

Posted by petermark03 on November 14th, 2016

When it comes to answering the question how contact lens are manufactured, the answer varies with the type of lens that is being manufactured. While soft contact lenses are manufactured in bulk, the rigid gas permeable need to be made-to-order. The size and shape of rigid gas permeable differ from patient to patient. So, they have to be made according to the exact specifications.

For an overview, read on to know how different types of contact lenses are made.

How Soft Contact Lenses are Manufactured using different Contact Lens Technology

Delicate focal point are fabricated from hydrophilic plastic polymers called hydrogels. These focal points are the most prominent of the diverse sorts of focal point as they are very water retentive, delicate and agreeable to the eyes with high optical qualities. The delicate contacts with high oxygen penetrability, the generally utilized silicone hydrogel are produced by the machine cutting procedure or an infusion shaping procedure.

Machine cutting

In the machine cutting procedure, the Contact Lens Manufacturing is done by turning shafts are utilized to mount the non-hydrated circles of delicate contacts material one by one. They are molded unpredictably with PC devices that are utilized to curtail surfaces of the contacts with exactness and care. After the contacts is rendered to the required shape, it is expelled from the machine. The following stride is to hydrate the focal point and mellow it. After it breezes through the quality confirmation test, the contact focal point is prepared to be bundled.

The machine cutting procedure includes more complicated strides and takes additional time than the infusion forming process. Be that as it may, in the late years, as an aftereffect of new and logical research going ahead in the relative field, it is currently more computerized and snappy than it was in the before times. With the coming of robotized mechanical autonomy and the assistance of modernized procedures, a machine cut delicate contact focal point can be currently created in almost no time.

Infusion forming

This procedure includes warming the delicate contact focal point material and changing it into its liquid state. After that, it is formed especially by infusing it into PC composed shape under high weight. After it is chilled off, the material is expelled from the molds. They are given a completing touch by cleaning the edges smooth. After that, the focal points are hydrated with the goal that they turn out to be delicate. The last stride is the quality affirmation testing.

Other than this, Cast Moulding Technology is also used for designing contact lens.

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