How to Stop Spam Mails on BT E-mail Account

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BT Mail as everyone knows one of the oldest emails services which provide many other services along with the mail. It is one of the finest mail services which have lots of users over the globe, but sometimes the best services also have some drawbacks. Most of the users are suffering from the spam mail which is coming to their account and the solution for that in BT mail is you just have to live with it. But the different email services have different levels of blocking the spam mails, so if you switch to another mail address you would probably see less spam mails. The first you have to take care before changing the mail is that you would not change the mailing address from mail list, which is used by spammers, at least for the time. The second thing is that you could use a service that blocks more spam mails such as Outlook, Gmail, and Hotmail etc. If you are not getting the way of doing all these things you can also take help from BT customer service by calling on a BT Support Contact Number.

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If you are using a email address then your account is actually being handled by Yahoo and it is seen that Yahoo’s blocking is less aggressive than Outlook or Gmail, so it beneficial for the user if they switch to them.

Switching to Gmail: It is not a hard process to switch to Gmail, because it can retrieve emails from your BT mail account and user can use Gmail to send emails on behalf of the BT mail address.

Once you have set up a Gmail account, click the cogwheel on the top right, choose Settings, and go to the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” section to set “Enable IMAP”. Remember to click “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the section.

Then, click “Accounts and Import”. And the second option on this section is “Import mail and contacts”, which allows you to “Import from Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL, or other webmail or POP3 accounts.” You will clearly have to give Gmail your password and email address so that it can take your old mails.

The next preference is “Send mail as”, which enables Gmail to send mails from your old email address. You can choose to “reply from the same address to which the message was sent” but it is suggested for setting Gmail as the default address. This will support your contacts to utilize the Gmail address rather than your old BT Internet address.

It is good to remember that if you use an email program instead of web interface, then BT Yahoo Mail will not download the contents of your spam folder by default. This will not allow you to see any legitimate emails which are blocked. You can see them using the BT Yahoo’s anti-spam features. The users can also ask for the email service to forward all your emails to a different inbox.

Note that if you use an email program instead of the web interface, BT Yahoo mail will not installed the contents or documents of your spam folder by default. This will avoid you from seeing any legitimate emails that have been blocked. See Using BT Yahoo’s anti-spam features for details.

The other way of getting rid of spam mail be separating the email boxes as well not giving the email address to companies you don't trust and when you are giving it to the make sure you are not opting in to the marketing emails.

Still, if you are facing the issue you can call to the BT Customer Service Number for any assistance. As you call on this helpline number you are directed to connect with Support Contact Number specialized team member who are well trained and understand your all issue and get proper and appropriate solution in just minimum time.

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