6 Tips For Playing Slots In Mobile Casinos

Posted by Nammo on November 15th, 2016

Betting and online gaming is gaining prominence around the world predominantly because of the big promises made on bonuses and even bigger wins made by the lucky souls. Playing slots takes a bit of luck, knowledge and experience but to minimize your chances of losing or even filing for bankruptcy in worse cases, you should consider the following tips:

Play At A Legitimate Casino

How do you know if a casino is legitimate or not? A legitimate online casino allows for fair play. There are many casinos claiming fair game but before signing in and accepting their terms of play, you should check out reviews from renowned online casino review sites. Here you will get all the information about the best, the second best and the lowest ranked casino.

Some of the games played in these casinos include the Mobile Blackjack real money that. Check the ranking of the game in the casino.

Skip Progressive Slots

A common temptation is to play progressively because of the enormous promises and rewards at the top of the tier. Unfortunately, every win at a lower tier or level increases your risk of losing because your probability of winning more diminishes as you rise.

Winning such jackpots require a high level of expertise and a whole load of luck as well. You should note that the progressive jackpots have odds similar to those for the lottery.

Don’t Be In A Rush

When playing a slot category like the NetEnt Mobile slots you should be patient. In some online casinos, the slot machines make up to 600 spins per hour and in others, the spins could be more.

What this means is that the house has an edge over you and you should not put in more action. To avoid whittling away your bank account, take your time and play fewer games.

Join A Slot Club

At some point in your game, the casino will offer loyalty bonuses and rebates. By joining some of the existing slot clubs, you will increase your chances of getting a small percentage as returns.

Manage Your Finances

Define a strict financial plan and put aside gaming money. You should never use your rent money and the only way to do this is by setting up specific accounts for different expenses. You should also have a good savings account in case the odds are against you.


Before putting both feet in the mobile slots game, you should know that your chances of beating the casino’s mathematical edge are slim to none. Basically, you should dash your high expectations if you expect to win and just play for the fun of it expecting to lose. A win will be welcome and a loss not so crashing. Be cautious, but have fun while playing

In conclusion, playing slots calls for an understanding of the game. You should learn and understand every aspect of the game. Always watch out for any forms of optical illusions, try your lucky charm, and manage your finances.

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