What are the differences between the two?

Posted by fanzhou on November 17th, 2016

It's always been about expansion, like it Vietnam and China through Tencent we've seen great success. In China, one of our first person shooters called CrossFire has 2.2 million concurrent users. We've been trying to figure out our best strategy to come in. Buy RS Gold It's that something made us come in right now, we've been studying it for a while. What sort of things were you looking when you examined the market? JN: We did lots of market research, partnerships, indirect partnerships, some of which are public and some aren't. Some companies came in during the early 2000s and now they've come back out again, so we didn't want to make the same mistakes.And where is War of Angels being developed? Is it being developed in Korea? JN: Yes, it is.What do you do to tailor the game to an American audience versus a Korean one?

What are the differences between the two? JN: So War of Angels is being developed by a partner called NJI, and what we are doing in the U.S. is we are running an extensive focus group right now with hardcore MMO players, and through these focus groups and online surveys, we are figuring out what they like, what they don't. We also figure out what to do in terms of server management, localizations, what sort of items they may like. For example, the Gachapon system works well in Korea, but would it work here? We're looking into that kind of stuff pretty extensively. We are also using a pretty top-tier localization service. It's going through it's third iteration right now.What's the relationship like between you guys and developer? How much influence do you guys have over the way the game takes shape? JN: RS 3 Gold I used to work with a lot of the guys in Korea, so we talk a lot, perhaps too much. (laughs) It's an active discussion to see what's going on over there, what going on over here.

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