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Posted by DavidM on November 17th, 2016


Manufacturing industries can easily sell their new machinery. They have the necessary marketing professionals to do the hard work for them. However, you would notice that they use many implements during the process of manufacturing the product. The equipment may not be of much use to them subsequently. However, they have their uses elsewhere. These manufacturing companies do not concentrate much on the disposal of these used packaging and processing equipment. They can use the services of companies like to sell manufacturing equipment.

Selling the used equipment does not require much of hard work. There are prospective buyers ready in the market willing to purchase such equipment. They save a great amount in costs. The only need is a platform where you can advertise the sale of your used machinery. provides this platform for you. You can sell us your used processing equipment. They will take care of the listing of the equipment on their website. It is their responsibility to connect with the prospective buyer and arrange for the realization of the sales proceeds as well. Similarly, you can sell us your used packaging equipment as well. 

The charges:

Nothing comes free in this world. This company does the hard work of listing the equipment for sale, establishing contact with the prospective buyers, completing the sale, and realizing the sales proceeds as well. They do not charge anything for the listing of the advertisements. However, you would have to pay a commission on the sales proceeds. This should be acceptable to you. They have sold the machinery that you might otherwise have sold as scrap in the market. 

The others services:

The OEM and the resellers can also sell their products through this channel. This channel is perfect for the OEMs. You would not find the OEM products on the retail shelf anywhere. This platform would be the best for marketing and sell the same. 

However, these services come with an advertising charge and the usual 5% sales commission as well. There are advantages of using the services of this Company to sell new and used manufacturing equipment.

The advantages:

• The Company caters to sales both inside as well as outside the country. Selling overseas has its own risks. Using the services of would be the best, as they do not ask you to ship the products until they receive the payment for the same in their secure portal.

• As a seller, you need not share your bank details with the buyers at all. You can deal with the company. The Company might charge their commission for the services they provide. This would be natural. Nevertheless, your details would be safe. 

Final words:

When you sell us your used pumps, we undertake to find prospective buyers and get the sale transaction through. This is the motive of the company. They serve as the perfect platform where they can facilitate the meeting of the buyer and the seller and complete the sales transaction. The security of the customers’ interests is their prime objective. 

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