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Posted by landmarkforum on November 17th, 2016

Any person interested in self-development would have heard about the Landmark Forum courses. These courses are intensive courses stretching for three and a half days. They dwell on all the aspects of self-development in the sense that you would find a self-transformation at the end of the course. We shall see the details of the courses during the course of the article.

The Course:

Many people would have a feeling that a three and a half day course would be inadequate. They should attend the same to know the truth. These are fully packed programs that start early in the mornings and continue until late nighttime. Of course, you would have your breaks in between for your lunch and dinner, etc. Starting on a Friday, the three-day course runs up to Sunday. On the following Tuesday, you have a kind of a refresher or an assimilation course that effective sums up the three days training. You can submit your Landmark Forum review on this day.

Day 1:

The Orientation:

The first hour would always go in the introduction of the participants and the sharing information about details of the agenda for the days to follow. The participant can raise any query now.

Listen more:

This session emphasizes the need for a person to listen more. They place great emphasis on the word, ‘listen’. When you listen, you would have to concentrate on what the instructor or the other party is trying to convey. You should have an open mind to listen to the problems of others. The other important aspect of listening is that you should not have any preconceived notions about anybody. This could cloud your decision making process. The Landmark Forum envisages that everyone should understand his or her limits. They should strive to achieve more by crossing these limits.

Power of Context:

In this session, they teach you about the importance of the context in which you share the information. This is very important because the same sentence could mean something else in a different context. The main issue of misunderstanding is that people have a penchant for quoting somebody out of context. You should understand the circumstances under which a certain person makes the utterance. Mastering these techniques is very important.

The Vicious Circle:

People have a habit of dramatizing any issue when you ask them to describe the same. This would result in a deep involvement of the individual into the issue. This can affect the thinking capacity of the person. He should try to detach from the situation while describing any issue in detail. The Landmark Forum teaches you how to do so in an effective manner.

The Racket:

You often see that people would have their own opinion in all the matters. They would always feel that a particular thing should not be in the manner it is. There should be a better way of presenting the same. The Landmark Forum teaches you to recognize this pattern and encourage you to find out new ways of interacting to solve the issue.

Final words:

We have seen the details of the first day of the course. Keep on reading for the second and third day programs.

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