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Posted by Tony Burton on November 18th, 2016

In order to run and administer a country in the best possible way, every government levies taxes on its citizens. IRS or Internal Revenue Service is a US government agency responsible for the annual collection of state and income taxes from the working residents and business houses. Many times, it happens that people are not able to pay their taxes within the stipulated time and IRS sends them letters, notices or any other kind of summon to clear their tax liability. At other times, when there are a lot of taxes pending with a citizen, IRS issues levy orders which directs their paying authority to withhold a certain amount of pay till the time the taxes are cleared. In extreme cases, the levy can be used to seize the property of the tax defaulters.

Before issuing the levy order, IRS is required to intimate you that it is going to place a levy against your assets. First, it will give you time to pay the outstanding taxes and if they are not paid within the given time, IRS will initiate the levy process after properly notifying you. One important thing to be noted down here is that IRS has the power to place your property in levy without seeking an order from the court. So, you need to be very vigilant and take help from tax experts to file a proper response to the notice you have received informing you about the levy order. The response must be correctly documented to give IRS a proper answer concerning your taxes.

When IRS is not satisfied with the tax returns that you have filed for a financial year, they perform the audit of your income. Also, if your income is not changing by a certain amount every year, IRS can do audit to check whether the tax returns were filed on time or not. Three types of audits are used by the IRS to check the tax liability of the citizens, which are known as correspondence audit, office audit and field audit.

If you are facing taxation issues due to some genuine reasons, you need to get in touch with an experienced tax professional who can handle them with ease. Many service providers are offering IRS levy assistance and IRS audit assistance with the help of correct IRS letters available on their websites. You can explore the web and find these companies to protect your assets.

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