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Posted by pragya on November 18th, 2016

Some degree of hair loss is common in men but generally, the start of hair loss generates a feeling of fear of going bald. Commonly, the hair loss is treated as a sign of aging that is enough to terrify a person. Avenues In Ahmedabad provides Hair Treatment In Ahmedabad leads to the natural look of being young at affordable cost.

 What are the main reasons for hair loss?

 Experts are still trying to understand the exact cause of hair loss, but generally, they see it as a disturbed cycle of growth of hair. Poor nutrition is a major cause of thinning of hair that leads to hair loss and even baldness. Because of the poor nutrition, the hair follicle is gradually vulnerable and is replaced by scar tissue. Other known reasons are aging, effects of certain medications, allergies, hormonal changes heredity and stress.

 How effective are hair loss treatments?

 There are a lot of proven and not proven treatments that claim to be extremely effective for hair loss and baldness. Results of the treatments are often positive if the patients seek for some advice of an expert doctor.

 Let us have a brief description of some of the most popular hair loss treatments.

 Ancient Treatments :

 Ayurveda says that the excess of Pitta dosha in the body is the main cause of hair loss. Pitta is increased with the causes that are described in detail by Ayurvedic scriptures. Excessive intake of spicy, oily and fried increases Pitta in the body. Ayurvedic experts suggest some herbs that balance the Pitta in the body to prevent or cure hair loss. According to Ayurveda, high stress, certain medicines, high fever or sudden weight loss are some of the main reasons for hair loss.

 Locating the main cause in your diet or lifestyle is the first step and if you locate it, your doctor would advise you to give up the diet or habit. You must include the protein and iron-rich food in your diet and eat raw vegetables, fruits, salads as much as you can. Massaging of oil is considered very auspicious in Ayurveda.

 Hair Transplant/Restoration Surgery:

 This is a surgical treatment for hair restoration or treatment. In this technique, hair follicles are taken from a donor site and transplanted to the thinning area of the scalp. Most of the hair transplants show amazing hair growth. However, results may vary according to the severity of the disease and condition of the donor area. Minor side effects include infection and scaring but with a skilled expert, these side effects rarely occur or treated well in the case of occurrence.

 Laser Therapy:

 Laser therapy is a non-surgical therapy for men and women. In this procedure, a device containing low-level laser energy is used that delivers the light energy directly to the scalp. According to the experts, the laser light is absorbed by the cells of the scalp to encourage hair growth.

PRP hair loss treatment:

 PRP (plasma rich platelets) is a nonsurgical treatment that is considered as a permanent solution for patients with excessive hair fall. In this procedure, the doctor takes a little blood to spun it in a centrifuge to obtain PRP. This platelet rich plasma with essential growth proteins in injected into the scalp using a micro needle. The PRP treatment is beneficial to promote hair growth.

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