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But nowadays legal aid doesn’t just mean to access justice. There are various other laws framed with the purpose of Medicaid, probate assistance and supporting elders. These laws are especially for people who cannot afford to pay for medical care, for legal process after death and for legal support to elderly individuals, respectively.  Schneider & Garrastegui PLLC of new york specicially focuses and looks after all such aspects of legal aids.

Purpose and Service of Medicaid:

Medicaid should not be confused with Medicare because it is a federal program that pays for a comprehensive range of medical services for persons with low-income and limited resources. Medicaid of Melville,Nassau Country, Suffolk Country and Long Islandis administered by the New York State office in conjunction with local social service Departments or the New York City Human Resources Administration. The appealer must meet the resource, annual income and other requirements to be eligible.

Medicaid in Nassau Country is a complex system of rules and regulations. Looking at the complexities one should seek help from an experienced attorney of elder law attorney suffolk county, New York, who practices regularly in this area. The law firm of Schneider & Garrastegui PLLC is one of the best in handling different Medicaid applications.

Medicaid Long Island, Melville, Nassau Country and Suffolk Country pays for services such as Diagnostic and preventive services, emergency hospital services, Prescription drugs, Optometrist services, rehabilitative services, psychiatric, Durable medical equipment and transportation, nursing and personal care management.

Purpose and Service of Elder Law:

An attorney of elder law Long Island mainly focuses on the legal needs of an elderly personand ensuring them their last desires. This can be related to resuscitation in the hospital, guardianships, division of property, drafting Wills and Trusts and Medicaid Suffolk County, Nassau Country, Long Island and Melville.  Schneider & Garrastegui PLLC carries out such work with a variety of legal tools and techniques to meet the goals and objectives of the older client.

Purpose and Service of Probate Attorney:

The legal process that takes place after the death of a person is known as probate. When a testator leaves a Will and the Will must be probated in a Surrogate’s Court.An attorney of probate in Long Island and Melville determines whether the will is valid or not. This process can be time consuming and pain staking. Once a Will is probated, the court issues Letters testamentary to the lawyer. The medicaid lawyers Hicksville can henceforth start the process of administration.

Schneider & Garrastegui’s Attorney of probate in Melville and Long Island also assists with the proceeding that takes place after receiving the Letters Testamentary. For both Schneider & Garrastegui is available throughout the entire process of administering the estate including all the legal bills and accountings or just obtaining the requisite letters of administration or letters testamentary.

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