Are Nepali Newspaper Agencies Still Viable?

Posted by Kantipath Nepal on November 21st, 2016

With the existence of the internet, there has been a great surge of mass media websites online. Media sources understand very well that today’s youth favor phones and computer to get information. Newspapers to them are as ancient as using floppy disks.

Regardless, this doesn’t mean that newspapers are not viable today. We believe 100% that a Nepali newspaper still has a lot of value in the eyes of consumers.

We’re going to provide you a few reasons on why that is below.

Don’t forget the older generations.

Older generations are not as adept at using internet sources as younger ones are. Older Nepali residents in general tend to rely on newspapers and magazines to get their share of news today.

This lack of internet usage on their part, means that they’ll need newspapers to get the latest news of Nepal. And they won’t just need it once or twice. They’re going to need it on a daily basis too!

To stay informed after all is a core habit of the high information times we live in today. People panic today when there is no easy access to information that they could use to inform themselves.

That alone reason makes it hard to imagine the extinguishment of newspapers from society. At least not yet.

News in local languages.

An important feature of mass media websites that go online is that over time, they lose their locality. A Nepali newspaper that chooses to direct its efforts more and more to the internet, is going to find itself switching slowly to English, just to get more viewers.

Now, we’re not saying English is bad. This article is written in English after all. But the problem here is, local literature, and the local language, will slowly die out if the younger generation are not accustomed to it.

When younger generations focus exclusively on reading the latest news of Nepal in English, what ends happening is that writings in local languages are ignored. Since the youth of today are the elders of the future, this leads to a society where Nepali writing is gone.

As such, Nepal news in Nepali is necessary for any local news agency. If you live in China for example, then you cannot get rid of Mandarin newspapers. If you live in Russia, you must keep Russian newspapers around. Nepal news in Nepali language follows the same principles.

The reasons we mentioned above does not mean we’re against internet media.

On the contrary, we encourage online Nepali news websites. The existence of Nepal online allows the world to get to know Nepali culture better. Online Nepali news agencies serve as a gateway to help people get accustomed to the culture better.

This aids a lot in expanding and integrating Nepal into today’s globalized culture. Regardless, this shouldn’t be at the price of Nepal’s local identity. Nepal without Nepali language and news would cease to lack taste.

That’s all for now! We hope this article has provided you a new perspective on Nepal locality in relation to global changes!

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