The Importance of Green Building Concept in India

Posted by divyaseo on November 21st, 2016

The people definitely owe a lot to the environment as it is the people who contribute in destroying it. Now-a-days people have begun to realize the importance of saving the environment and are taking noticeable steps to save it. Green building concept in India is one such initiative taken by the country’s authorities. Green buildings as the name suggests are friendlier to the environment than the non-green ones and do not pose a threat in any manner. The non-green structures use a lot more natural resources and also pose a grave threat to the nature.

The Green Building Solutions began in the year 2001 and there is no turning back since then. The India Green Building Council has been formed and this government body offers a wide range of services to the people of the nation. Green buildings are indeed a wonderful way to make the world a better place to live for the generations to come. These buildings help in saving a lot of natural resources that are already on the verge of scarcity. Some people might find it hard to believe but it is true that the non-green buildings spew harmful pollutants in the environment.

These pollutants cause only destruction for the living beings and must be curbed as early as possible. Everyone across the globe is joining hands in the massive Green movement and is contributing their bit in saving the world from danger. The environment is already facing a lot of serious issues such as global warming and air pollution. It is a necessity now that people learn about saving the nature from further harm. The green buildings are only one of the many things that can be done to save the environment.

It has to be noted that the construction industry produces a lot of waste that ranks second in that area. This waste causes a lot of harm to the environment and thus enters the Green Building Products. The basic facilities provided in the commercial and residential buildings such as air conditioning and lighting consumes a lot of power and also contributes a great deal to the overall pollution. Sustainable buildings help in reducing such consumption and also curbs the waste produced. Sustainable architecture is now the trending news in every corner of the country.

A building built as per the Green Building Concept in Gurgaon produces much less greenhouse gases and other harmful and toxic wastes. These buildings use the sustainable building materials and are much more efficient in every manner possible. The authorities conduct regular surveys to check on the performance of a particular idea. As per the surveys, if India continues to build green buildings then it can contribute much more to saving the environment by saving on the resources. Environment has only given to the mankind and the latter has only taken from the former. It is high time that man understands the importance of clean environment.

The architects and planners these days leave no stone unturned in constructing buildings that environmental friendly and are no less than the non-green buildings in any manner.

Author’s bio: The writer of this article has written many similar articles in the past as well. Insta Block believes in saving the environment and thus completely supports the Green Building Concept in India.

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