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Buy Right Hand Diamond Rings Online

Posted by hazelmario256 on November 21st, 2016

Symbolism has always been an integral part of civilizations all over the world. Symbols defining a popular belief, sometimes religious and sometimes customary, have existed for centuries. Even romance hasn’t remained free from this influence and the wedding ring on the left hand ring-finger is a classic example of this. Such beliefs make one wonder the rationale behind such practices.

The wedding ring
For centuries, placing a ring on the fourth finger of your partner’s left hand has been a tradition deeply embedded in the popular cultures of the world. But have you ever wondered the reason behind this practice? Originating from a Tudor belief, it was believed that a vein ran directly from the fourth finger of the left hand all the way to the heart. This romantic angle resulted in the descriptive name ‘vena amoris’, Latin for the vein of love, for this particular vein.

A paradigm shift
A fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions is a paradigm shift and the same can be applied to the shifting focus of diamond rings to the right hand. Owing to this shift, special marketing strategies are being implemented to put up right hand diamond rings for sale. The rationale or the meaning behind this shift is not a single one. There are multiple reasons and here are a few of them:

  • Gay and lesbian marriages have seen a strong presence of this practice illustrating a monogamous relationship, and marriage within the states have legalized it.
  • Those popular memes on the social network depicting women with statements like, “I need a man of heart, I can buy my own ring” explains a lot about the new working-class women. As women started to out-earn men, they would no longer wait for an engagement ring and sporting a self-earned right hand ring signifies economic independence.
  • Cultures with different traditions follow different practices and in countries like Poland, India and Greece, the wedding band belongs on the right hand.

A less dramatic reason is left-handedness. People who are left-handed choose to wear their rings on the right hand to protect the ring from the wear and tear from their dominant hand.

These prominent and a few other factors have contributed to the increased appearance of the right hand rings in the jewelry stores. If you’re an independent women, gay couple or from countries with different cultural customs, you can buy right hand diamond rings online. Various portals offer designs and styles no less than the popular stores.

Author’s Bio: The author is a blogger. She writes about right hand diamond rings for sale and the shift in the practices.

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