Nutrition Education Programs In Philadelphia - Why They Are Necessary?

Posted by Ethan Smith on November 21st, 2016

The importance of food and nutrition in human development is widely recognized in both high income and middle to low income countries. Malnutrition in all its forms amounts to an intolerable burden not only on national health systems but the entire cultural, social and economic fabric of nations, and is the greatest impediment to the fulfillment of human potential. Investing in nutrition, therefore, makes economic sense because it reduces health care costs, improves productivity and economic growth and promotes education, intellectual capacity and social development for present and future generations.

For nutrition to impact human health and well-being, the population must be taught about it through community and population based intervention and education programs. The community nutrition education programs in Philadelphia and everywhere else in the world encompass a broad set of activities designed to provide access to a safe, adequate, healthful diet to a population living in a particular geographic area. These activities include nutrition or health promotion, food programs, supplementation programs, preventive programs, local policy analysis and development, and the organizational infrastructure that supports it.

Nutrition has a dynamic and synergistic relationship with economic growth through the channel of education. Human capital development, primarily through education, has received merited attention as a key to economic development, but early childhood nutrition is yet to obtain the required emphasis as a necessary facilitator of education. Therefore, the economic and cultural development of any nation is dependent on the health of its population. These nutrition education programs offered by non-profit organizations join hands with small businesses and community organizations to empower them. Partnering with local institutions ensures sustainability of the program with vast reach among the people residing in that particular topographical area.

Nutrition is a foundation for development. Nutrition has a great impact on every nation’s growth. Inadequate consumption of protein and energy, as well as deficiencies in key micronutrients such as iodine, vitamin A, and iron, are also major factors in the morbidity and mortality of children and adults. Malnourished children also have lifetime disabilities and weakened immune systems, which actually increase the need for awareness among people.

Undoubtedly, awareness about nutrition has become the need of the hour which can’t be overlooked by any nation. Proper education related to nutrition and health will help people from different categories to lead a healthy life. And only a healthy person can contribute to the development of any country. Thus, nutrition programs need to become a part of our social structure.

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