iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 7 - Which Beast Wins The Battle?

Posted by justinlews on November 22nd, 2016

As they are mighty close in terms of features (Many experts are considering that iPhone 7 Plus is the actual deal as compared to iPhone 7), let’s review both the phones and find out which phone fits the bill.

Also, you must shop for unlocked iPhone devices that are not tied up with any carrier. So, it is better to shop for IPhone 7 Factory Unlocked phone that comes with the best option to ‘load’ any carrier of the user’s choice and not to depend on the curse of getting a phone with a pre-decided carrier and many bloatware.

iPhone 6s Plus has some design features as identical to iPhone 7 though the home button is little more aesthetically designed in the 7 as compared to 6s Plus. Though, you cannot see significant changes. The iPhone 7 is pretty much good and 7 plus has better features though the 6s Plus can still take splashes if required to be taken. However, iPhone 7 can take much more and 7 plus can stay submerged in the water for good 30 minutes. Also, the headphone jack has been done to death in iPhone 7 and higher versions. However, the functionality has given a new dimension to the iPhone 7 variants as compared to iPhone 6s plus.

Both the phones are almost identical in weight and also blessed with almost similar image and camera quality that is hard to detect from the normal human eye. Though, iPhone 7 has a better camera pixel and auto-focus as compared to 6s plus, however, the 7 is still better though people will more prefer to buy 6s plus or 7s plus due to the variable budget range.

Though iPhone 7 has some great advantages if you previous have had hold an old iPhone 5s or will be buying the phone for the first time; it is still a rock-solid phone. The 6s plus is shipped with the old processor and 7 is still a powerhouse in terms of the new and extremely fast Apple processor.

Though the A9 chip in 6S plus still does not lag behind as compared to its successor, you can also pick iPhone 6s Plus 64gb Unlocked which is the best buy in this segment.

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