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The Most Essential Travel Photography Gear

Posted by joemartin01 on November 22nd, 2016

If you are an on-the-go photographer or passionate about travel photography in general, you can’t plan your trips without the necessary travel photography gear. It includes the basic camera elements as well as high-tech functional accessories which would make your photography experience truly flawless. So, before you pack your bags, do a quick tally with this checklist.

1.An extra pair of rechargeable batteries
If you have plans to cover remote locations, there is no chance that you would find a good set of batteries in case you run out of the ones you’ve been using. Carrying backup is always helpful. Also, remember to pack them fully charged.

2.Rugged hard drives and spare memory cards
Your backup plan needs to include one for the data. Your memory cards would only have limited space and you may not want to miss capturing a perfect moment just for the shortage of space.

3.A couple of prime lenses
This needs to be well thought of before the eleventh hour.

4.Adapters and multi-port USB chargers
There is no guarantee of finding a reliable power source everywhere. If you are going to explore the wilderness, it would be all the more necessary to be stocked up on power too.

5.Tripod and the best tripod ball head
For clicking like a pro and taking good care of your camera too.

6.Rain covers for your equipment
These covers would also protect the equipment from dust and debris so that you don’t end up with technical issues while on the move.

7.Spare camera straps
Just for precaution, carrying extra camera straps would make your travel easier and stress free to a great extent.

8.A laptop
You will have to insert those power drives, flash disks and memory cards only in your personal laptop. Otherwise, you would risk losing your pictures or getting them corrupted irrevocably. In fact, a laptop is the most essential gadget after your camera.

9.Cleaning gear
If you don’t want little bugs or specks of dust annoying a perfectly new lens or screen, make sure that you carry the necessary cleaning gear.

10.Necessary documents
Be it the copy of your insurance or any license documents, you should make a list of papers that you should be carrying with you at all times. Do a bit of research about the place that you plan to cover and talk to knowledgeable people who can guide you about the relevance of certain documents that a travel photographer needs to carry.

Author’s bio: The author is a blogger. This article enlists the top 10 travel photography gear that you need. Click here

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