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Posted by ricky26 on November 22nd, 2016

The land of dreams, United States of America has always been known to be a country full of people from all walks, and even all countries of the world. People from everywhere come to America in hopes of one day living the American dream; a land that welcomes all, provides excellent opportunities to all its legal immigrants and provides them a chance to make a foreign country their home. The states are surrounded by many countries which are comparatively less resourceful and fail to provide the same high quality of life as United States does. It’s not a comparison, or a matter of patriotism. In the end, every man will want the best life possible for his family, wherever they find it.

In America specifically, immigration provides a chance for a white nation to host a huge diversity of different people from different cultures. Immigrants are known to find their kind and settle down with all of them forming a small community, bringing a part of their country to their new home. What does the USA want in return for letting you be a part of the family? Just be good contributing citizens. Your contribution can be the value you add to the society. For example, if you’re a brilliant doctor from Mexico, chances are that you’d get a permanent American Green Card sooner than the rest. The other option to this is, straight up paying the government and helping them develop a better economy.

If you are an Iran resident who’s looking to relocate to the States, and all you need is the E2 visa, Aria Vatankhah is there to make sure you do so quickly and efficiently. An expert at immigration law, Aria’s main focus is to get the right talent to get to the right place, complete with permanent residency and USA citizenship. If you’re someone who wants to skip the talent hunt game and skip right to the results, you can also take help from Aria to get US investment immigration (مهاجرت به آمريکا سرمايه گذاری).

About Aria Law Group:

Aria Law Group, led by Aria Vatankhah is an Iranian law firm that helps its local citizens to settle down in the USA with the help of an citizenship, and even a EB1 Visa. For more information, visit

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