How Wheel Chock is beneficial for the users?

Posted by Ergo Wheel Chock on November 23rd, 2016

If people want to park heavy trucks, trailers or equipments, it is vital to use the Wheel Chock that will go a long way in providing security to the assets and life of the people. Even big airplanes too require the chocks for controlling the landing and takeoff process. In short, industries use the technology for preventing the movement of the vehicles during the unloading and loading activities.

Essential for the docks:

Dock is the first point of arrival and departure of the goods. Every day thousand tones of items are traded, therefore the value of the Dock Chock has increased to a great extent. Heavy vehicles can slip accidentally particularly wet surface when the goods are dismounted. Placement of the chock helps to stabilize the vehicle and doesn’t allow it to move forward. It is vital to use the rubber material when operating in the wet environment as the chances slippages are reduced. Aluminum can be useful when you are performing work in the garage or closed environment.

Compliance the key:

Vehicles arriving in the dock should be equipped with a Truck Chock as it helps to ensure safety while items are being unloaded. The impediment prevents the tyre from moving forward and prevents unfortunate incidents.  Moreover, when you are using rubber chocks, they do not malfunction during winter season due to very high insulation capacity. It is quite popular with rail cars that carry large amount of luggage. Dock owners should make sure that the chocks are present with each truck by monitoring the entrants through close circuit camera.

Making them work:

 All chocks should be used in pairs to increase maximum effectiveness. Irrespective of the terrain, they will work to the optimum limit. Equipments are closely placed to the tires to reduce the chance of the movement of the vehicles. In case the parking is on an oily surface make sure that it is moved to a safe spot.

Perfect attributes:

Wedges are incorporated in the tires in order to restrict the motion and increase the friction with the ground. Due to the varying diameters the chocks can be easily fitted into the tires. Users should not use the product in an improper manner or else it may not work. The chock needs to be in the direction of the grade to block the movement if any. Both aspects of the wheel should be choked if the direction of the grade is already defined.

People when transferring the items need to park the vehicle away from the slope in order to reduce the prospects of accidents. Chocks are durable and can be used in any weather condition. They are resistant to scratches during summers and winter seasons no irrespective of temperature.

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