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Sales Enablement Best Practices: An Insight into the Guaranteed Growth

Posted by addamsmith on November 24th, 2016

Most of us have been on one end of the line talking patiently to a customer service representative who is trying to resolve the technical/non-technical issue at hand. The process is mundane, irritating and time consuming. If you’ve experienced it first hand, you would know that at times it gets frustrating thanks to the long pauses and hold times.

Factors that become the face of such an organization and its productivity are sales enablement, customer representation management (CRM), resources and content. Here’s a look into how and what goes on behind the scenes.

Sales enablement - lags, risks and sales enablement best practices
Rapid commercialization has resulted in rapidly changing buyers’ needs. This, in turn, begets lengthened sales cycles and the insufficiently equipped sales representatives face the burn for underperforming. Where do the lags exist?

According to a study, more than 42% of the sales people don’t feel they have the right information before calling the prospects.
Less than 2/3 of sales people have the most up to date information about their products.
More than 1/3 of sales representatives and managers don’t believe the published content helps with lead generation.

These lags pose some serious risks which can’t/mustn’t be avoided. The risks are:

Due to the absence of the right and relevant information, it becomes an uphill task for a representative to answer the questions and convince a customer.
Not only does this jeopardize the existing opportunity, you stand to lose any future opportunities too.
This failure in making the right conversions at the right time results in the productivity plummeting at crucial points.

When you have understood the lags and the risks well, finding a solution should be a breeze of a task. Now, given the fact that firms are involved in managing the plummeting business, a prudent step would be to outsource the hunt for a resolution. Sales enablement best practices and enterprise knowledge management are the terms that engulf the solution for an improved productivity and increased strength in the uprising market.

Designed by the experts of the industry, CRM, sales management, professional services are the factors that are deeply embedded in this package of solution. Bringing in the most relevant and intelligent content from across the business to the employees of a firm is the most basic of tasks of the solution providers. Automatic routing of solutions and services, and the verified information; promoting task-specific content; 100% visibility into an asset and real time analysis are the premium features of the solution.

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