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Posted by fabrizio zio on November 24th, 2016

The hottest Anime-based action webgame Dragon Ball Z Online will kick off its alpha test on November 24, 2016(CST) at 0:00. The alpha test will run 5 days and will wipe out all data after the test.
Dragon Ball Z Online
Notices for alpha test players:
1. Tester data will be wiped after the alpha test. However, your game account will be retained.
2. The alpha test is for technique testing purpose, so emergency maintenance or system data rollback may occur during the beta period. We appreciate your understanding. Meanwhile, we'll continue improving the game.
3. During the alpha test, please wait patiently if you encounter problems like abnormal login or slow loading.
4. Please feel free to submit any bugs you met or suggestions to Dragon Ball Z Online official forum.
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Open Level: Level 26Select the planet before you create or join the Legion.

DBZ Online

View more details: http://dbz.animegame.me/article/aid/52

Silver and gold can be donated daily. The higher the level is, the more silver you can donate every day.
The devotion of dragon ball z online can be used to upgrade the legion. After the legion upgrade, the skill level of legion will also upgrade. You can use certain medal achievement to increase the donate limit. When dismiss the Legion, legion skill invalid. Legion skill effects again after you join the next legion.
The leader can transfer leadership or appoint the deputy leader. If the leader has been not on-line for 3 days in a row, the leadership will automatically transfer to the member of the highest guild devotion.
Legion devotion can also be used to upgrade the activities, which is used to enhance the status of the members in specific activities.
When participate in daily activities, legion will obtain legion chest according to battle record. The chests will be kept into the legion warehouse. The guild leader distribute the chests to the members.
If all the members of the legion within 3 days are not on-line, then the legion will automatically dissolved.

The God Tree Treasure
God tree, the higher the level of fruit and character is, the better the fruit reward will be.
The mysterious fruit can be picked by all Legion members. A member can pick the same only once. Each mysterious fruit that DBZ Online was picked at a certain times will disappear, and a new mysterious fruit grows.
The ripe fruit can be picked. If the fruit has not been picked before the evolution countdown, the fruit will automatically evolve
When the fruit evolve, the level increase one level, it and become a random type of fruit. The highest evolution is level 5.
Each fresh fruit can be watered 10 times.

New players can’t use the God tree function the day he joined in the Legion.

For more details, please visit our official website: http://dbz.animegame.me/

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