The Many Applications of Laboratory Temperature Monitoring Systems

Posted by Tom Eric on November 25th, 2016

Laboratory temperature monitoring systems are very critical in many industries to keep a check on temperature conditions. There are many sectors where too low and high temperature readings can pose a threat to valuable tools and machines. The main industries that use temperature monitoring systems as essential tools are food, hospital, manufacturing and mechanical. In the corporate offices, heat levels must be checked in telecom sites as the temperature can hugely affect the working of computer systems and other devices. The temperature readings also display the health and performances of the equipment. For this purpose, the automatic temperature monitoring systems are installed in the industries to maintain certain temperature levels.

The size and functionality of the systems can be from slight to profound. These automated systems are operated by a central system to control functions. The main sites where these monitoring systems are installed are hospitals, clinics, laboratories, clean rooms, warehouses, distribution centers and so on. The data related to these monitoring systems can be accessed remotely by employees at different levels so that they can take necessary actions when required.
The operations and features of temperature monitoring systems depend on the sensors used in them. Analog and digital are the two types of sensors used in system. Analog sensors are considered to be better than digital sensors because they measure temperature across a continuous range, hence the accuracy is much higher. On the other hand, the digital sensors are able to inform only fluctuations above and below of the pre-set value. When the application areas are more sensitive, the systems consisting of analog sensors are recommended as they tell the exact reading at any given time. They are also capable of sending alerts when the temperature crosses a threshold which is not suitable. But the cost of analog based systems is significantly high, so if the budget is lower, digital sensor systems are the perfect option. To set alarms for notifying, right alarm remote (RTU) is used to link the sensors with remote site or central system. RTU can also send notifications to multiple locations to alert them about critical temperature conditions. The web based clean room monitoring system can be designed for specific usage for organizations. If you also have such requirements, you can search for software vendor sites online.
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