What to Expect When Working With a Badge Supplier

Posted by Capital Badges on November 25th, 2016

Working with a badge supplier for the first time can be intimidating. Whether you need to procure metal badges for your school, small business or corporate event, knowing what to expect from your supplier can help ease the anxiety and ensure you get what you want. There are a couple of things that you can expect to see when working with a trusted and high-quality badge supplier.


A high-quality badge supplier is reliable and timely, and will take the shortest time possible to dispatch your order. This should be about 24 hours or less after receiving your order. There are however situations that may require you to wait longer to get your order. Embroidered badges and other custom-made badges naturally take some time to make, and will typically be delivered in a few weeks. These may be sent using couriers, Royal Mail or other agreed upon method. You should rarely have to wait more than four weeks to receive your order.


A good badge supplier respects client’s privacy. You may have to reveal some general information that you may not want a rival business to know about. Some businesses are also notorious for selling contact information or other details to third parties. You should expect the utmost privacy from your badge supplier. The supplier should also have tight information technology security to ensure no unscrupulous persons can access their database.


Most suppliers expect payment after delivery. They should send an invoice to accompany your order. You are expected to keep your end of the bargain, paying the full agreed on amount without a counterclaim, set off or deduction. Remember that you are likely to need lapel badges in future, so handling payment correctly is a great way to create a friendly and effective relationship with your supplier. It may be worth asking about available payment methods before placing your order to ensure that there are no complications during transactions.


Many people do not know that you can get, and should even insist on a warranty for your badges. A supplier or manufacturer who offers a warranty means that he is proud of his products. A one year warranty is the industry standard in this case. This covers any issues or failure that may arise in the normal use of the badge. It is a good idea to read the warranty terms to know exactly what is covered.

Working with a good badge supplier should not be a stressful or anxious experience. Take the time to get a good supplier and you will be thankful for it.  

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