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    Wisdom tooth surgery also known as third molar surgery is the process of removal of the impacted third molar tooth. Both upper and lower third molar's can be impacted within the bone. Most of the cases the third molars erupt by around 18 to 23 years of age. But there can be a condition in which they don't erupt for lifetime. This occurs due to less space available within the jaw bones to accommodate them.

     Few cases the third molar remains impacted without causing any trouble for life. But majority of cases they are troublesome and need to be extracted. 

     Signs and symptoms of impacted third molar:

  • Pain in the adjacent teeth
  • Food lodgment in the third molar area
  • Swelling in gums around the third molar area
  • Sometimes swelling on the cheek
  • Difficulty in mouth opening
  • The gums covering the third molar swell

Treatment options available:

  • The simplest option is removal of the gums covering the partially erupted third molar and allows it to erupt completely.
  • Sometimes the upper third molar is removed so that it does not hit the lower molar and cause pain.
  • Surgical extraction of the third molar.

Surgical Extraction of the third molar: 

    During surgical extraction an incision is made over the gum tissue. This exposes the tooth once the tooth is visible the bone surrounding the tooth is trimmed. This weakens the bony present around the tooth and it can be removed easily. Now a days most of the dentist prefer to section the tooth into pieces and remove it. Doing this reduces the pressure to be applied while removing it. 

Recent advances in Surgery: 

     With developing technology third molar surgery has become a routine procedure and patient friendly. High efficiency burs, elevators help in removing the tooth with ease . Use of forceps has reduced and dentist now uses elevators and luxators which are designed with accuracy.  Post extraction swelling has reduced due to use of good anti-inflammatory drugs and injections. 

Precautions after surgery: 

  • Take proper antibiotics and pain killers prescribed by dentist
  • Do not spit for 40 mins after extraction
  • Do not eat hard, hot and spicy food at least for 1 day post extraction
  • Practice mouth opening, it keeps the muscle loose
  • Do not sleep on the side of extraction 
  • If suture breaks and bleeding does not stop report to dentist immediately

Wisdom tooth surgery has become a routine procedure due to the advances and innovation of high efficiency surgical instruments. Dentists in Pune are performing it with ease and minimum complications post extraction.

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