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Posted by lasher on November 28th, 2016

The shovels are used for digging, lifting and moving purposes. This tool is used in the mining industry, in the fields of agriculture and construction. You may also use this tool for gardening. The blades of this hand tool are either made of sheet steel or hard plastics. The long handles of the agricultural, mining or construction shovels are made of wood. The handles of gardening shovels are usually made of fibreglass. You may avail a variety of shovels from the online merchandizing sites of South Africa. The online shovels for sale exhibitions will let you avail these hand-tools at reasonable pricing. These hand-tools can be divided into six different categories depending upon their designing and performance.

The Shovels for Digging

These are the most common shovels available in the traditional or online market. The blades of these shovels may come with a curved scoop with upturned edges, with a flat tip or with a pointy edge. You may use the pointed tipped shovels to dig the soft soil of your garden.

The shovels with upturned edges or flat bases are perfect for stony soils or hard soils. These earthly elements demand forceful penetrations. The shovel blades made of steel are more durable than the aluminium blades.

The Shovels for Trenching

These shovels have sharp pointed tips with an angular front and squared sides. The back and side edges of the blades are slightly upturned forming a raised border. This designing causes nominal disruption to the surrounding walls of the trenches during digging and clearing. You may also use these shovels to dig a compost trench or to remove deeply-rooted plants.

The Spades for Drains

A drain spade has narrow breadth with slightly bent sides and a rounded tip. This hand-tool can clean the drains off the sediments efficiently. It can also be used to clear existing trenches or transplantation of small shrubs. Some drain-spades may have a ring-like structured attached to the tip of the handle for better grip.

The Shovels for Scooping

If you want to scoop loose materials off the ground, these shovels are ideal for you. These shovels are terrible at digging with flat and blunt tips. You can use these shovels to scoop stone, coal, snow, gravels or grains. The steel shovels are sturdier than the aluminium shovels.

The Shovels of Scraping

These shovels are the slender versions of scoopers. The scrapers can be used to clean debris, soil or ice from the driveways or rooftops. It may also help you remove the shingles during the replacement of the roof. You may also use these shovels to remove weeds from the walkway in your garden. These shovels are also superb at edging the lawns.

The Travel-Friendly Trowels

You may need to carry a shovel along with you for various purposes. The trowels will be your travel-friendly shovel. These are the shorter versions of the scooping shovels. The blades have pointed/rounded tips with curved edges and dense pockets.

You can carry the trowels on your field expeditions to collect soil samples. You can also use it to dig small holes in your garden. If you walk your pet on a daily basis, you can use this shovel to pick up his/her droppings.

You may need some of these aforementioned shovels on a daily basis for digging/scooping purposes. The availability of shovels for sale at economic rates through reliable merchandizing sites will lessen your expenditure during shopping.

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