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Posted by lasher on November 28th, 2016

The literary definition of a hand-tool will be a device that you can hold in your hand and can operate without the use of any power. These tools can be divided into many different categories based on their efficiencies and performances. These tools can broadly be divided into two different categories – agricultural tools and crafting tools. The crafting tools are useful for woodworking, commercial painting; jewellery-designing and blacksmithing. You may easily avail these devices from various hand tools suppliers in South Africa. The crafting tools can be further divided into four different categories. The Tools Capable of Striking, Puncturing or Chipping

If you are in need of performing carpentry or need to drive a screw through the wall, these tools will let you perform the task with considerable force. Different types of hammers fall into the category of striking tools. These forceful devices will help you perform different types of tasks.

The claw-hammers will let you pull the pins/screws out of various structures with the help of the claw. The mallet will help you strike something down. This tool is an essential device in carpentry. The Ball-Pein & Cross-Pein hammers are useful for domestic and engineering purposes. The Club and Sledge Hammers are mostly used for construction and masonry purposes.

The chisels come second in this category. These devices have the capability of chipping the hard materials, such as woods, metals or stones away. The punches are also included within this category. These can be used to create holes into the walls for the placement of screws and other wall fixtures. The Wrenching and Screwing Devices

The wrenches are used to either tighten or loosen the nuts and bolts. These devices are capable of working with the standard and metric fasteners. The Adjustable wrenches have a moveable lower jaw to adjust the size of the wrench. The Combination wrenches have one open end and one closed end. The Double-Box wrenches have two ring-shaped ends. The Open-End wrench has two open ends. The screwdrivers also fall within the category of tightening and loosening devices. The sizes and shapes of these driving tools depend upon the shapes and sizes of the removable screws. If you want to twist or cut the pipes, rods, wires, nuts and bolts, you may use the pliers of different shapes and sizes. The Side-Cutting, Long-Nose and Flat-Nose pliers can be used for gripping, splicing and cutting the wires. The Long-Nose and Flat-Nose pliers can reach awkward places. The Diagonal-Cutting and End-Cutting pliers are suitable for nails, pins and fasteners. The Slip-Joint pliers are suitable for nuts and bolts.

The Cutting Devices

The knives, files and saws are considered to be the ideal cutting devices. The filing devices are used for delicate and precise tasks. These devices file the surfaces of different types of materials down to produce better fitting.

You may use different types of knives for regular culinary purposes or a single knife with interchangeable blades. The saws are used in carpentry and woodcutting. The Compass Saws can be used to make circular or curved shapes. The Coping Saws can be used for delicate woodwork. The Bow Saw can be used for woodcutting.

These aforementioned devices will let you perform various activities of your daily life effortlessly and efficiently. The reliable hand tools suppliers in South Africa will let you avail these devices through various online merchandizing websites.

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