Yes, your old storage system in LA is costing you money

Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on November 29th, 2016

Every business person in LA knows how expensive, and how valuable, their storage space is. The obvious need when upgrading is to get the best value out of that space. The problem, however, is getting that value right and adding the efficiencies you need.

The problems with old storage systems are:

  • Lousy space management. The old systems aren’t designed to manage space at all. They’re not custom made, either, so you’re stuck with what your system can and can’t do.
  • Handling issues are the big deal makers and deal breakers in storage. You need good access, a well-designed carriage and loading system, and above all, capacity.
  • Space management part 2: Imagine a big warehouse, and your storage is only using about 60% of that space effectively. Cost-inefficiency is literally built in. (The classic symptom of space inefficiency is that everything seems to present new problems for storage, and floor space gets eaten up all the time, creating an obstacle course.)

Now the commercial issues:

  • In the new Age of Warehousing, cost-efficiency is all about competitive capacity, productivity, and profitability.       Whether you’re an academic institution, a manufacturer, or a sector warehouse, you can literally see the dollars going down the drain with inefficient systems. If you’re in wholesaling, it’s commercial suicide to let your storage system dictate your business capacity.
  • Storage also manages commercial time frames. In a world where high speed delivery is the name of the game, downtime and slow handling are expensive. Every second literally costs you money.
  • Another, less obvious commercial factor is “the look”. Does an old, out of date handling system look credible? Usually, no; it’s a cue for a potential customer going and finding another service provider. A storage system can look like a train wreck or a good efficient business operation. You hardly need to be told which is the look that gets the new clients.

To see the latest in modern storage systems design and products, check out Indoff, a full service commercial storage solutions company in south LA. Visit their website here at They do everything from designing modular storage to custom storage design. Give them a call.

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