Important tips on how to handle your rare coins

Posted by capstonecoins on November 29th, 2016

If you are thinking about getting into the hobby of collecting US coins, it is important that you know how to handle them. This is assuming that you have already found a certified and trustworthy rare coin dealer. Handling your coins will not only help to keep them in good condition for the long-term, but will also ensure that you get a good return should you eventually decide to sell your collection. There are some important handling tips to remember when handling your coins.

Do not touch your coins with your bare hands

This is especially the case if you own uncirculated and/or proof coins. Dirt and oil from the skin can easily compromise the coin’s shiny surface. The immediate damage is difficult to see with the naked eye, but the oil and dirt continue to erode the coin over time.

Use clean cotton gloves to handle your coins

It is suggested that you only hold your coins when necessary. In such a case, wear clean cotton gloves. The gloves prevent dirt and oil from being passed on to the coin and discoloring or tarnishing it.

Hold coins by the edge

Unless you are dealing with common circulated coins, you should never touch or handle the face of your coin. Use your forefinger and thumb to hold the coin by its edges. Even a small amount of grime, dirt or oil that comes into contact with the face of your rare gold coins is enough to cause long-term damage. There is simply no good reason to touch the face of a valuable coin.

Store your coins in protective holders

Invest in protective coin holders especially when travelling with your coins such as to a show. This helps to protect the coins from scratches, oil and dirt. In addition to this, it protects the more delicate coins from damage in the event they are accidentally dropped.

Do not clean the coins

Whether you are collecting ancient coins or any other type of collection, you should never clean the coins. It is natural to want your collection to look pristine and shiny, but some cleaners contain some form of acid, and can reduce the value of the coin by up to 50%. If you are determined to clean the coins, it is best to take them to a professional who can decide on the best solution.

Whether you are buying or selling rare coins for your collection, ensure that you are working with a reputable dealer. There are many forgeries and scam artists in the industry so it is best to do your due diligence.

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