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Posted by fabrizio zio on November 29th, 2016

Play Now, and Join Goku, Vegeta, along with the other Dragon Ball Z Online original characters in the notorious battle of dragon ball z adventure game! It's here that you'll create your new hero. But not just that! Let me live. Critics found a lot of issues with the game, but they saw some very interesting features that gave it the potential of making a great sequel out of it with the proper amount of polish.

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users can take pictures with their friend and fuse into Dragon Ball characters. Stack points into whatever category will help you do that best. While anime fighting games are a dime a dozen, some manage to rise above the rest. Aptly named Parallel Quests PQ are available from the start of the game, and can be taken on single player or co-op online with up to three players. Dragon Ball Z Online has quite a history when it comes to video games, the simple yet engaging DBZ Online of the Budokai, the portable RPG goodness of The Legacy of Goku, or the chaotic fun of Budokai Tenkaichi. Budokai is divided into phases according to the level and each phase has five stages. One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum also features simple controls and combos. These customization improvements over the previous game have separated the races further and made them more unique. Tossing enemies back and forth with another player is a delight, and seeing the capabilities of other characters is always interesting. For example, instead of choosing one of the typical three starter Pokemon, all players start out with Pikachu, and what's more, is Pikachu refuses to stay in its Pokeball in the game, opting instead to follow closely behind its trainer as they travel around the Kanto region.
There's fertile ground here, AnimeGame want Dimps to mine it. Everything apart from the campaign and training missions can be played co-operatively. A short video preview of the game could be seen here.

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