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Home Loans and the Meaning of EMI

Posted by nikhil294 on November 29th, 2016

What is EMI?

This is a very common term that is being used very frequently nowadays by everyone. People converse about this term and usually this is used regarding discussions and taking of home loans. The meaning of EMI is "Easy Money Installments". More often this term is used regarding Home loan emi but it can mean about any type of loans. Business loans, car loans, mortgage loans, second home loans and just about anything under the sun that can be taken on loan! The loan repayment schedule shows the amount that is termed as the EMI.

Loan for a home can be taken from private lender or government and personal home loan lenders. The total amount of Home loan emi varies according to the loan amount and also the rate of property per square feet in that particular area. It is understood that the company or lender giving loan needs to be assured about the repayment of the loan. The period for which the loan has to be repaid is also calculated. Monthly installments are to be paid by the individual as process of repayment of home loans. "Easy" installments means a comfortable amount is calculated according to the repayment capacity of the borrower of the loan. This depends upon the individual's financial status, his profession and whether he is going in for fixed interest loan or flexible interest loan for the home.

Usually EMI's are calculated according to monthly payments but sometimes they may also be annual that is once in a year. This comes to a bigger amount but it is adjusted according to the individual's professions and financial standing regarding repayment. Many people get annual checks of salary or property rents or investment returns either in a year or in four months that is quarterly. So they can go in for a Home loan emi and come to an understanding regarding EMI's and the repayment of the loan according to their convenience.

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