Buying Boxing Gloves ? 3 Important Tips to Consider

Posted by SaintBernard on November 29th, 2016

Boxing is a good way to enhance your strength, endurance, and cardio training. It is one of those few activities that benefit the human body and helps in gaining strength and losing excessive body fat simultaneously. While you are boxing, you have to use your strength to connect your punches as hard as you can. It requires coordinated arm and shoulder movement as a start, but also some additional work from your body. In order to gain sufficient momentum you have to use your hips and core muscles and move them along with your shoulders, back, and arms. Boxing pushes and forces you to involve the entire body during training. This is also a reason why boxing is becoming popular both as a strength and cardiovascular workout amongst fitness enthusiasts.

While training, it is important to cover your fists properly so that you do not get scratches and injuries from the pushback effect of the punching bag. You should always wear good quality boxing gloves while training as they can be critical for protecting your hands from injury. Professional boxers and youngsters who are looking forward to making a career in the sport need to gain a thorough understanding of the significance of quality boxing gloves.

If you are looking to buy a pair of boxing gloves for yourself, you should consider some important factors. These play an important role in your training, the performance of the gloves, and their durability. Three of the most important factors are discussed here.

Size: The size of the glove is a critical factor that plays a significant role in the durability and performance of the glove. The glove you are buying should not be tight or loose, but fit just right. Boxing gloves are used with proper padding. Boxers generally use bandages with tape to cover their fingers and hands before they put on the gloves. This provides cushioning for the fists and prevents most of the potential injuries. The fists do not remain closed inside a boxing glove. The position of the fists is slightly curved and without proper padding, can cause severe injuries such as boxer’s fracture or damage the carpals and phalanges. It is better if you are already prepared – buy gloves that are slightly loose so that there will be enough room for the padding. You will notice that a glove with a perfect size will be a perfect fit for your hands with proper padding.

Glove Type: The type of the glove also matters a lot as it can determine its price. If you are training as a hobby, then you can opt for training gloves that are light and provide sufficient support to your hands. But if you are an aspiring professional boxer, you should start with good-quality professional boxing gloves. Training with good gloves will develop a habit of wearing professional gloves that will be an added advantage in the future. These training gloves are available at affordable prices and can be bought even with a low budget. Professional gloves, however, are expensive and you have to consider the brand along with many other factors while purchasing them. If you are looking for your first pair of gloves, professional gloves may be overkill.

Material: The materials that the gloves are made from are of two varieties – synthetic and leather. Leather gloves are comfortable and breathable, but they are generally quite bulky. Using these gloves is more about developing a habit of wearing them. Wearing leather boxing gloves will also make your hands feel bulkier, which takes getting used to as well. But once you are accustomed, you would not want to change them, ever. On the other hand, synthetic gloves are lightweight and cost–effective. However, most of them are not as half as durable as leather gloves. They are good for beginners and those who are using boxing as a workout. For those pursuing boxing as a sport, they just don’t cut it. Gloves made from synthetic materials are not recommended for professionals or boxing enthusiasts.

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